Our America Initiative

Support Abolishing the State Income Tax!

It’s time for Georgians to voice our opinions about eliminating the state income tax!

And state senator Hunter Hill has made voicing our opinions easy for us. He has created an on-line petition to eliminate the state income tax. If only a few people sign it, the idea of ending the state income tax will go nowhere. It will look like the idea doesn’t matter. It will be harder to pass a state FairTax bill if we don’t seem to care about eliminating the state income tax.

However, if we all sign this petition, we could make a big difference. Our thousands of signatures could prove that there is a groundswell of public support and propel this idea forward. Our legislators need to see that eliminating the state income tax is one of our highest priorities. That will only happen if we sign the petition. Sign Now!

Hunter Hill is a state senator from Buckhead and a FairTax advocate. He believes, as we do, that eliminating the state income tax is necessary to make Georgia more economically competitive that we currently are. Sign the petition. Send the message.