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At a time when the news media, commentators and many special interest groups are determined to focus attention on political and policy extremes, a quiet but transformational shift is happening in America. While those on the edges of the spectrum are becoming noisier and more strident, more and more Americans are actually rejecting those extremes, shedding political labels and embracing a simple idea: Less government and greater freedom.

The majority of Americans just want government to meet its fundamental responsibility to keep us safe, and to otherwise leave us alone to pursue our dreams, enjoy the freedoms the Founders envisioned, and go about our daily lives with minimal interference from politicians, bureaucrats and unnecessary laws. That’s why the real majority in America today are not choosing partisan labels, but label themselves as independents who simply want good government that spends less, does less and protects us from those who would do us harm.

The Our America Initiative, founded by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and strategist Ron Nielson, is dedicated to mobilizing this growing liberty movement, giving voice to the notion of less government and greater freedom, and advocating policies that will allow entrepreneurs, young people and all Americans to achieve their dreams.

Our America has assembled key leaders of the small government movement, established advocacy organizations in every state, and is mobilizing the largest grassroots army of liberty activists in the nation. 

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