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Democracy Now: OAI Chair Gary Johnson Headlines Stop Watching Us Rally

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October 28, 2013, Washington, DC -- OAI Honorary Chair and Governor Gary Johnson headlined a massive protest against Warrantless Spying, as covered by Amy Goodman at Democracy Now.  The rally came in response to Whistleblowing revelations by NSA contractor Edward Snowden that the government failed to acquire Warrants before searching and storing emails, texts, calls and web searches.  The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits such searches (or seizures) without an investigator or prosecutor first convincing with reasonable suspicion a neutral judge to grant such warrant for the search.  Governor Johnson's organization has a petition, "Stand Up 4 the 4th".  “I’m just trying to raise awareness of this issue,” Johnson said. “Where’s the due process, right now, today, in all of what’s happening? This is what our lawmakers should ensure. Who is looking over law enforcement’s shoulder? Who is looking over the NSA’s shoulder? … This is the libertarian cause right here. Libertarians have been out there sounding the warning bell about this issue ever since the Patriot Act was signed.”