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Fair Debates Law Suit - Update

After more than 5 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to give Our America our “day in court” to present the historic Fair Debates lawsuit challenging the Commission on Presidential Debates and the exclusion of qualified independent and third-party candidates from nationally-televised presidential debates.

Having navigated the Federal Courts for years, plaintiffs in the Fair Debates lawsuit petitioned the Supreme Court to order an Appeals Court in Washington, DC, to grant a fair hearing of the arguments against the CPD’s monopoly control of the all-important debates.

The Supreme Court has refused to do so.

The fight is not over. Changing the debates to include ALL qualified candidates will change America’s political and policy landscape for generations. It’s that important.

And the debates WILL change when enough Americans demand it, along with the corporate sponsors who pay for those debates -- and who ultimately answer to their customers and shareholders.  Our America is undertaking an aggressive public awareness and mobilization campaign to raise enough voices that not even the rigged Commission on Presidential Debates can deny fairness forever.

You can help. We will continue our fight for inclusion of third parties in debates. We will continue our fight for Fair Debates. Join us!





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