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You are in a particularly powerful position as we reach a critical juncture in the fight to end mass surveillance.

We need you to urge your U.S. Senators and Representatives right away to bring an end to mass spying.

One of the fundamental grievances that prompted the Founding Fathers to go to war for liberty was the British penchant for using “general warrants” to randomly invade colonists’ homes, with no probable cause, and conduct personally invasive searches.

That’s why the 4th Amendment, banning such searches, was included in the Bill of Rights.

Using the “War on Terror” as an excuse, our government is today ignoring the 4th Amendment and routinely conducting precisely the same kind of random, warrantless searches of American citizens that the Founders rejected. The only difference is that our government today is collecting and searching our electronic “stuff”, from phone calls to emails to bank records.

It’s an abuse that must be stopped, and Congress is -- right now -- acting on several pieces of legislation that will either roll back the surveillance abuses...or not.

Take a moment to call your Senators and Representatives at 202-225-3121 and send an email via www.congress.org. Urge them to respect the 4th Amendment's requirement to "get a warrant" before searching our property - which includes our communications. You can tell them: "I support genuine reform to the government's mass spying programs, not fake fixes. I urge you to require 4th Amendment warrants before searching or seizing property, including personal communications. Government easily can get a warrant to target real threats, without violating the Constitutional protections afforded by the Bill of Rights.

Please call and email right away, and then add your name to OAI's petition to End Mass Spying.