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Alex Gauthier

Elisabeth Gent

Advisory Council Member

Elisabeth Gent is an environmental consultant with a focus on federal and state environmental regulations and permitting, but has additional experience in environmental litigation and soil and groundwater remediation in Louisiana. She has a passion for a myriad of environmental concerns in Louisiana such as hydraulic fracturing, coastal erosion, and saltwater intrusion. She grew up in Vicksburg, Mississippi, but was born in Louisiana and claims it as her home once again. Ms. Gent graduated from Mississippi State University with BS in chemical engineering in 2012.

Guy McLendon

Advisory Council Member

Guy McLendon is a practicing engineer in the Automation Department of the United States' 5th largest refinery. He serves as Chairman of the Instrumentation Steering Committee that creates & maintains construction specifications, and provides technical guidance to the corporation in his area of expertise. In his 30 year career in the petroleum industry, McLendon has gained knowledge in refining, drilling, production, pipelines and equipment manufacturing. Serving as discipline lead or project manager, McLendon has provided technical support for over a half billion dollars of new capital project construction. McLendon graduated in 1985 with a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University, and is a Texas registered professional engineer.

Grant A. Mincy

Advisory Council Member

Grant A. Mincy is a fellow and contributing author to the online think-tank and media center The Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS.org) and he also blogs at appalachianson.wordpress.com. He writes political commentary, feature articles and research papers from a market anarchist, libertarian left perspective. He writes on a wide range of issues, but his primary focus is the environment. Grant is from the scruffy city of Knoxville, Tennessee where he is an environmental geologists and teaches both biology and geology at area colleges. He is a trained natural scientist, field researcher and presenter, with recognized expertise in environmental science, conservation and biodiversity. His interests include social movements, higher education, service learning, sustainability, conservation/restoration, ecosystem services, the civic sector, clean/just economies and the protection of biodiversity. He is particularly concerned with the health and conservation of aquatic habitats/biodiversity and freshwater resources.

Julian Morris

Advisory Council Member

Julian Morris is vice president of research at Reason Foundation, a non-profit think tank advancing free minds and free markets. Julian graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in economics. Graduate studies at University College London, Cambridge University and the University of Westminster resulted in two further masters’ degrees and a Graduate Diploma in Law (equivalent to the academic component of a JD). Julian is the author of dozens of scholarly articles on issues ranging from the morality of free trade to the regulation of the Internet, although his academic research has focused primarily on the relationship between institutions, economic development and environmental protection. He has also edited several books and co-edits, with Indur Goklany, the Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development. Julian is also a visiting professor in the Department of International Studies at the University of Buckingham (UK). Before joining Reason, he was executive director of International Policy Network, a London-based think tank which he co-founded. Before that, he ran the environment and technology programme at the Institute of Economic Affairs, also in London.

Iain Murray

Advisory Council Member

Iain Murray is Vice President of Strategy and head of the Center for Economic Freedom at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington DC. For the past decade with the Institute, he has concentrated on free market environmentalism and government overreach. Murray has published several acclaimed books, including Stealing You Blind: How Government Fatcats Are Getting Rich Off of You and The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Won’t Tell You About – Because They Helped Cause Them. Prior to coming to CEI in 2003, Murray was the Director of Research for the Statistical Assessment Service and the Executive Officer of HM Department of Transport. He received his MBA from the University of London and his MA from the University of Oxford.

Marita Noon

Advisory Council Member

The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). Together they work to educate the public and influence policy makers regarding energy, its role in freedom, and the American way of life. Combining energy, news, politics, and, the environment through public events, speaking engagements, and media, the organizations’ combined efforts serve as America’s voice for energy.

Paul Schwennesen

Advisory Council Member

Paul Schwennesen is a southern Arizona rancher and director of the Agrarian Freedom Project. Paul holds a Master’s degree in Government from Harvard University and a dual Bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy. He appears frequently on FOX Business News, and is a regular contributor to the Property and Environment Research Center. His writing has appeared in The Freeman, The Tucson Citizen, Stockman Grass Farmer, Master Resource, and The Huffington Post. He and his wife, Sarah, are raising three kids in a decidedly centralized, top-down environment. He can be reached at AgrarianLiberty.com

Jack Spencer

Advisory Council Member

Jack Spencer oversees Heritage Foundation research on a wide range of domestic economic issues as director of the Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies. Those topics include federal spending, taxes, energy and environment, regulation and retirement savings. Previously Spencer served as Heritage’s senior research fellow in nuclear energy policy, focusing on nuclear waste management, technological advances, industry subsidies and international approaches to nuclear energy. Spencer also researched regulation of the industry, proliferation issues, the global energy market and national security uses for nuclear power. Spencer has testified before Congress and the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future. Jack worked on commercial, civilian and military components of nuclear energy at the Babcock & Wilcox Companies. He is quoted regularly in national newspapers and has appeared as a guest expert on many TV and radio outlets. Spencer has a master's degree from the University of Limerick, where he began doctoral research on national security.

Jason Webb

Advisory Council Member

Jason Webb is an attorney with an oil and gas boutique firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that represents leading oil and gas exploration and production companies. Prior to joining this firm, Mr. Webb worked at a large regional firm that is home to one of the nation’s leading safety and health practices, representing some of the largest coal and metal/nonmetal clients in all facets of litigation involving the U.S. Department of Labor before the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission. After law school Jason clerked for two years for the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Administrative Law Judges; and also interned during law school with the U.S. Attorneys office for the Northern District of West Virginia. For approximately four years prior to law school, Mr. Webb worked on the legislative staff of Senator Robert C. Byrd.

Mark Miller

Advisory Council Member

Mark Miller is a petroleum engineer with over 45 years' experience in upstream oil and gas, including 18 years on the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin. Before retiring, Mark established a worldwide petroleum engineering consulting practice and was a founder and CEO/CTO of a small company that provided software to the oil and gas industry. Dr. Miller was the Libertarian Party Nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner in 2014 and 2016. In 2016 he received all of the major newspaper endorsements for Railroad Commissioner over the Republican, Democratic, and Green Party candidates. Mark has a PhD in petroleum engineering from Stanford University.