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Our America Initiative Launches Grassroots & Fundraising Campaign to "Stop The Duopoly"

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May 24, 2018, Salt Lake City, UT -- Our America Initiative is launching an aggressive grassroots and fundraising campaign to “Stop the Political Duopoly”.

The Stop the Political Duopoly campaign will work to mobilize activists and advocates across the country to demand a level playing field for third party and independent candidates seeking to get on states’ ballots in upcoming elections. Likewise, Our America plans to mount an aggressive effort through social media and news coverage to raise public awareness about the legal and political tactics the Republican and Democratic Parties use to limit debate and maintain their duopoly control at all levels of government.

Live broadcasts via social media from leaders of the Liberty Movement, advocate training, and rallies will all be part of the nation-wide effort. Plans are also being finalized for a “Stop the Duopoly” rally in Las Vegas, NV, on July 13th in conjunction with the annual Freedom Fest.

Announcing the campaign, Our America’s Honorary Chairman Gary Johnson said, “The two-party stranglehold on our policy and politics has given us a $20 trillion debt, perpetual war and an unacceptable loss of both personal and financial freedom. It has to stop - Now. Americans are fed up with the politicians’ refusal to act on the most pressing issues of the day, but they feel powerless to do anything about it.

“Over the next several weeks and months, with our thousands of activists and supporters, Our America will show people all across the nation that they aren’t powerless, and mobilize them to real action.”