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  1. Gov. Gary Johnson

    Honorary Chairman

    Gary Johnson is an entrepreneur, served two terms as Governor of New Mexico, and in 2016, as the Libertarian nominee for President of the United States, garnered more votes than any third party or independent candidate since Ross Perot in 1992.

    In addition to his success in business and public policy, Governor Johnson has climbed the highest peak on each of the seven continents, including Mt. Everest, competed in numerous Iron Man Triathlons, and tackled some of the most grueling cycling challenges in the world.

    Governor Johnson founded the Our America Initiative out of a deep desire to insure that future generations of Americans have the same opportunities for personal and financial freedom that he has enjoyed.

  2. Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

    Honorary Member
    Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) is a nationally known and respected author and speaker who has long advocated reform of the nation's drug laws. A highly regarded jurist, Judge Gray served on California's Orange County Superior Court from 1989 to 2010. He was also Gov. Gary Johnson 2012 Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee.
  3. Barry Goldwater Jr.

    Honorary Member
    Former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., is a nationally-respected voice for limited government and greater personal liberty. Whether it is the national news media or on a college campus, when Barry speaks, they listen.
  4. Alexander McCobin

    Honorary Member
    CEO of Conscious Capitalism. He co-founded and previously served as president of Students For Liberty, an international student organization. He is a recognized national advocacy leader within the liberty movement.
  5. Gov. Buddy Roemer

    Honorary Member
    Former Louisiana Governor, former member of Congress and presidential candidate Buddy Roemer has established himself as one of the nation's leading advocates for real reform of our broken political system, and knows what it means to challenge the status quo.
  6. John Mackey

    Honorary Member
    Whole Foods co-founder and co-CEO John Mackey is one of the great entrepreneurs of our age, as well as the leading advocate for Conscious Capitalism. His positive, purpose-driven vision and example will help revive the free enterprise system that made the U.S prosperous.