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On September 5, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump Administration was rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program instituted by President Obama. That program protected young undocumented immigrants who were brought or sent to the U.S. as children and whose undocumented status is due to no fault of their own.

While the Trump Administration repealed DACA, they postponed implementation of that repeal for six months -- until March 5, 2018. The stated purpose of that postponement is to allow Congress sufficient time to enact a permanent, legally clear solution to the vexing and uncertain situation faced by approximately 800,000 young immigrants, many of whom have been educated in the U.S., know no other real “home”, and may have even served in our military.

In coordination with other major national organizations, the Our America Initiative (OAI) is launching a targeted campaign to provide grassroots, grasstops, and “influencer” support to reasonable legislation to protect these young, aspiring Americans from deportation.

Along with Honorary Board Members such as former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, former congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., and Whole Foods founder John Mackey, OAI brings credibility, media access and leadership to the campaign.

With a March deadline looming, the urgency for a DACA solution is real.

Strategies and Deliverables

Grassroots -- Working with partners across the nation, Our America has identified a number of key states, beginning in the West, which are home to swing votes in both the U.S. House and Senate. Among those states are Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho and Texas. In those key states alone, OAI has more than 72,000 identified supporters and activists.

Beginning immediately, OAI will mobilize those thousands of residents and voters in those key states to contact their Representatives and Senators urging support for DACA legislation. Based on past experience, the “activism” of these supporters is well-documented.

Clearly, the difference between success and failure rests with Republican members of the House and Senate who are likely inclined to be sympathetic to the plight of “Dreamers”, but who have to deal with the nativist factions within their own party. Particular and strategic emphasis will be placed on providing those Republicans with the support they need in order to do the right thing.

Communication and mobilization of OAI’s grassroots supporters will be accomplished through emails, geo-targeted social media, and telephone calls.

Congressional offices have long reported that, whenever immigration legislation is considered, they are deluged with emails and phone calls from anti-immigration groups and activists, while receiving few from those on the “other” side. Countering this organized opposition at the district and state level is critical.

Grasstops -- Leveraging relationships enjoyed by OAI leadership, well-known activists, business, education and political will be recruited to be in direct contact with their congressional delegations, and to express their support for DACA legislation publicly via the news media, social media and other outlets.

Access to the News Media -- OAI enjoys productive access to the news media on both local and national levels, and consistent with an overall legislative strategy, will deploy high-profile spokespersons to provide “air cover” for those Senators and Members of Congress who are inclined to support DACA, but for whom the vote(s) may be difficult politically.

Specifically, OAI will place op-eds and commentary pieces in selected newspapers, websites, etc., schedule interviews with both national and regional news outlets, and provide the media with credible “sources” for DACA-related coverage.

Almost 2 million Social Media followers -- Social Media activism is an essential part of any successful advocacy campaign. OAI’s various social media outlets include almost 2 million followers and a high level of “engagement”. Posts and calls to action via those outlets reach audiences that rival many national cable news programs -- and are inherently targeted to audiences inclined to support DACA.

For our Immigration campaign to be successful, we must raise $120,000. Those funds will be used to: 

 Grassroots & Activist Mobilization   $30,000
 Media Relations   $20,000
 Social Media Outreach & Advertising   $50,000
 Travel and Logistics for Events & Appearances  $20,000
 Total:   $120,000


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