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It’s the week to be Thankful

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At the Our America Initiative, we are most certainly thankful, and personally, I am filled with gratitude for...You, and thousands like you who are working shoulder-to-shoulder with us to restore liberty as the guiding principle of our nation.

A few short years ago, we had an idea. That idea was that, as the Founding Fathers warned, too much power in the hands of government means too little freedom and opportunity for the people. Watching as that fundamental concern increasingly became real, I couldn’t sit still and just watch.

We established the Our America Initiative -- and went to work.

Today, with hundreds of thousands of supporters, more than 2 million followers on social media, nationally-known Honorary Board and advisory committee members -- and a track record of making an impact on both politics and policy, we aren’t just watching any longer.

NONE of that has been, or is, possible without friends and supporters such as you.

This Thanksgiving, please know that I deeply appreciate all you do for Liberty, and the support you offer to Our America.

We have much to do. The politicians continue to take our freedom, our opportunity, and yes, our money. Government keeps growing. Our rights remain under attack.

Your continued support is needed and critical, and knowing we can count on you is extremely gratifying.

I’m thankful.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Gary Johnson

Gary E. Johnson

PS: The modest, ongoing support of our Members is critical to the important work Our America is doing to take on the two-party duopoly.

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