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Liberty and Training Tour

The 2016 election proved what pollsters, commentators, and observers have seen very clearly in recent years: The Liberty movement’s strength and potential lie in Millennials and young Americans who are rejecting a broken political system. Millions are ready to join the fight for smaller government and greater freedom. They just need an invitation.

In 2016, Our America organized, funded and carried out a tremendously successful Liberty Tour, taking nationally-known leaders, entertainment, and upbeat events to more than 30 cities and media markets all across the nation. Thousands of activists, students -- and voters had the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and leading voices of the liberty movement. The response was amazing.

For our next Liberty Tour to be successful, we must raise $350,000. Those funds will be used for:

 Room Accommodations for Training @ 20 Stops   $250,000
 Training Materials   $25,000
 Food   $25,000
 Travel and Logistics for Trainings  $50,000
 Total:   $350,000




Our America will build on the success of our last Liberty Tour and take our message on the road once again. Stay tuned for more information as plans are finalized.