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Liberty Tour 2016 is Coming to Your State!

Live Free Tour

Polls show 76% of voters want all the viable candidates on that stage, not just the two representing the Parties controlling the Debate Commission.  To rally voters nationwide to care enough about liberty to make the right decisions whether in the ballot box or in any other aspect of one’s life, we are embarking on a nationwide tour starting Monday in Las Vegas - and powering with a wrapped RV across the country right through Election Day. Won't you click on your states' Events page now and RSVP?

Here's the link to get more information on the Tour's stop in your state: https://www.facebook.com/LibertyTour2016/.  Please share with friends!
Great speakers during the national Tour include Daily Clout's Naomi Wolf, Free the People's Matt Kibbe, Release Your Inner Company's John Chisholm, former Democrat National Committee Press Secretary Terry Michael, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition's Neill Franklin, Tenth Amendment Center's Michael Boldin, Conscious Capitalism's Alex McCobin, Reason Foundation's David Nott, Foundation for Economic Education's Jeffrey Tucker, the LP's Carla Howell, ViceLand's Travis Irvine, We the Internet's Lou Perez, comedian Jeremy McLellan, former AG and now Over-Criminalization advocate Ken Abraham, Republican Liberty Caucus' Ed Lopez and Liz Mair, surprise celebrities from Fox News and local politicians, and possibly OAI Founder Governor Gary Johnson.  

Without your donations OAI couldn't undertake all the actions we do, for your liberty and mine.  You can click now to contribute an unlimited amount, individually or via a business - from $5 to $500 or even more, here:


Finally, please click the link to RSVP for the Tour's stop in your state, and share with friends and groups too!



See you on the Tour!