Make Every Vote Count

Fifty percent of voters self-declare as neither Republican nor Democrat, thus comprising the "Independent" bloc - the largest of the three categories.  About as high a percentage wants more voter choices.  The "Make Every Vote Count" project simply tells Americans to get registered to vote, knowing that most of these new voters will assert independence and demand more choices.  

This can only help liberty. 

We link here to the excellent "Rock the Vote" registration site, and we encourage supporters to share this link to friends, family and groups one supports.  

One can reserve a table on campus or at fairs with a tablet open to a registration page, but be sure when inviting registrants to remain nonpartisan.  Consider co-hosting such an effort with other groups.

In addition to helping register voters, please fill out the volunteer link and consider a donation to this project.

Any group agreeing to post at its website or Facebook page the Make Every Vote Count project link will be listed here as a "Partner", garnering free publicity. Groups should accept easily this opportunity, since registration is nonpartisan; since encouraging registration among a groups' members implies civic responsibility; and since encouraging activism among ones members can only help move forward that groups' policy preferences.

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