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Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have chosen to provide residents with at least some access to the proven and potential medical benefits of cannabis. That represents an overwhelming majority of Americans -- despite the fact that the Federal Government thus far refuses to respect the rights and wishes of those states and individuals.

Our America’s Honorary Chairman, Gov. Gary Johnson, has long said it is only a matter of time before the clear wishes of a clear majority will prevail, and that all Americans will have access to the benefits of medical cannabis. Making that prediction a reality is a high priority for the Our America Initiative.

Our America’s “Medical Marijuana Freedom” project is focused on two clear objectives:

  1. Gain passage of ballot initiatives or legislation in the remaining ‘prohibition’ states to give deserving patients and their doctors the freedom to safely use medical cannabis as a legal treatment option.
  2. Mobilize a significant and nation-wide grassroots campaign to force the Federal Government to respect states’ rights and remove those obstacles in federal law and regulation that prevent state governments, banks, medical professionals and, most important, patients in medical cannabis states from fulling realizing the freedoms their voters or legislators have chosen to allow.

While responsible legalization of cannabis is the ultimate objective, there are very specific actions we can take right now to advance the cause of individual freedom and common sense when it comes to medical cannabis.

Stop the Feds from Interfering with State Medical Marijuana Laws

Add your name to the petition above urging Congress to retain the current legislative language, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, that restricts the Department of Justice from using tax dollars to prevent states from implementing laws authorizing the “use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment will expire on December 8  unless Congress extends it -- and to no one’s surprise, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is actively lobbying to let this modest protection for states’ rights expire.

Congress needs to know that we strongly disagree with the Attorney General’s stubborn refusal to accept the wishes of the American people.

Over the next few crucial weeks, Our America will mobilize our thousands of supporters and advocates in every state and congressional district to contact their Senators and Representatives and urge their support for the states’ right to enact and implement responsible medical cannabis laws. This grassroots effort will be mounted via email alerts, social media advertising and outreach to the news media.

To achieve our goal of motivating 500,000 liberty-minded Americans to contact their Senators and Representatives before September 30, Our America must raise at least $50,000 for the necessary advertising, email outreach and volunteer coordination.

Make Utah the Next State to Give Patients Access to Safe Medical Cannabis

Support Our America’s efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Utah and other states. If you live in Utah, please go to Our America’s Utah page, sign up to volunteer, and provide your contact information. We have much work to do -- and we need YOU.

If you don’t live in Utah or other states where medical cannabis is not yet legal, your financial support is critical -- and will allow us to purchase effective advertising, fund grassroots activities such as petition gathering, and tell the truth about the benefits of giving patients and doctors to freedom to use and try safe cannabis treatments.

For our Utah campaign, we must raise $200,000. Those funds will be used to:

  • Secure 20,000 signatures from all across the state to place the Utah Medical Cannabis Act on the ballot in 2018. Utah has very stringent and difficult requirements for initiative petitions, and more than 114,000 total signatures will be necessary. Our America has pledged to collect at least 20,000 of those. 
    Cost: $100,000

  • To support both the signature-gathering effort and the subsequent campaign in conservative, Republican-dominated Utah, an aggressive, fact-based advertising and social media voter education effort will be essential.
    Cost: $70,000

  • Drawing upon Our America’s national network of liberty leaders and celebrities, appropriate spokespersons and advocates will travel to Utah to inform voters of the benefits of safe, medically appropriate cannabis treatment.
    Cost: $30,000

Many advocates of medical marijuana have long predicted that conservative Utah would be the last state to legalize it. Let’s prove them wrong!

Imagine the nation-wide impact when Utah joins the ranks of states with common-sense, responsible medical cannabis programs.


Download the Medical Marijuana Freedom Project Flyer