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Lobby Day 2016

March, 2016.  Our America Initiative needs you to "like" and review often our Michigan Facebook page to know when emails and calls will be needed as bills are scheduled during the legislature's session for votes in committee and on the floor.  Further, we invite you to bring your activist friends with you to join us for a day urging legislators to support or oppose bills as they affect liberty, Tuesday, March 8th,10:30am by the Anderson House Office Building entrance, 124 North Capitol Avenue in Lansing.  Here are visitor suggestions including driving directions.  At that place and time we'll have a handout for legislature visits that will include information on bills regarding Armed Defense rights, Free Speech, Utility Monopoly Choice, Marijuana Decriminalization, and Smoking Alternatives.  You could advocate other bills of your preference, too.  To RSVP and for more details please click the Michigan Lobby Day link, or use the contact information on this page to connect with our state director.  In addition to participating in advocacy efforts, please consider joining our Michigan grassroots team or sharing a modest, monthly contribution to help us have more resources for the critical goal of less government coercion.

Lobby Day 2015

May, 2015 - Lobby Day occurs any day when one visits with or sends an email to a politician while the legislature remains in session.  Our America Initiative advocates a variety of bills to reduce government power and restore personal freedoms.  Specifically, we support passage of SB 13, to remove the 'straight ticket' option from the ballot; HB 4505 (and related bills), to require an agency to prove the guilt of a person whose property is being taken under civil forfeiture rules; HB 4210, to legalize and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries; and HB 4240, to allow the placement on capital grounds of the privately-funded Brass Roots plaque.  We also seek introduction of legislation to allow utility customers a choice on meter preference without penalty.  For those unable to personally visit the legislature, you still could help, by copying the above bills into an email to your representative and senator.  Politicians also have offices in their districts - feel free to seek a meeting to discuss efforts to reduce government power and restore personal freedoms.  If you participate and get a response of any kind from your legislator, please post the result at Our America's Michigan Facebook page.

No Tax Hike For Roads

February, 2015 - Our America Initiative opposes on the May 5 ballot Proposal 1, which as Americans for Prosperity explains would do a lot more than merely hike by 17% the sales tax to repair crumbling roads. Indeed, passage of the initiative would trigger ten additional laws, including more tax hikes in the gas tax, vehicle registration fees, and a new Internet tax. Annual spending in Michigan has already increased by billions of dollars, but politicians have chosen to throw more money not at roads, but rather at the failed war on drugs, and corporate welfare schemes like the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and preferential subsidies. Because the higher taxes wouldn't even all be used for roads, Proposal 1 is opposed also by the National Federation of Independent Business. Finally, it's worth considering a study by the Reason Foundation showing roads and bridges are in better shape than politicians admit, placing doubt in the road rationale for higher taxes. We ask supporters, then, to follow the grassroots instructions of Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, to spread the word in opposition to Proposal 1. With your donation nowand input from our Advisory Council on Government Spending, Our America Initiative will advocate less taxes and a more streamlined government through more of our fifty state affiliates.

The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to Our America Initiative are not deductible for Federal income tax  Our America Initiative has a no refunds policy. 

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