Grassroots Lobby Days

The fight for greater individual freedom and less government is not just a federal one. Across the nation, state and local governments make decisions every day that impact liberty, too. To influence the debate in our 50 states which truly represent laboratories of democracy, Our America’s activists are organizing “Lobby Days” to take the message of liberty to their state representatives and senators. To learn more about Lobby Day activities in your state, go to the National Lobby Day page.

Excessive Taxation

Our America Initiative invites signatures for a petition to abolish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in response to the scandalous prosecutions of opponents of Big Government - as well as to repatriate the trillions of capital offshored to escape a confiscatory IRS. Several of our state affiliates are supporting petitions to abolish the state income tax or opposing other taxes such as higher gas taxes. Join our team in your state to cut excessive taxation!

Smothering Regulation

Our America Initiative is aware regulations stifle job-creating business formation and reduce needed consumer scrutiny to assure good service. Several of our state affiliates seek repeal of smothering red tape (as regulations are derided), whether for specific industries, labor law or to offer wholesale alternatives to licensing; one state even is helping amend the U.S. Constitution to require additional congressional passage for regulations that fit what's defined as "economically significant", while others oppose protectionist rules that benefit a few cronies while hurting competition among the regulated companies. Most recently we signed an AFP letter supporting a national bill allowing for licensing alternatives in DC and military bases. 


Our America Initiative recognizes much behavior that is unpopular with some but which lacks any evil intent or victims of harm, has nevertheless been deemed criminal by majorities in government. The Drug War blatantly represents this type of "unpopular" behavior. Understanding that war's severe aggravation of personal, family and community problems, we have had since 2013 a petition inviting signatures to end prohibition of marijuana, and end which also would mollify concerns about violence at the border. In partnership often with the American Civil Liberties Union we support in many states less retribution and more reforms to the judiciary system (including Family and abuse law), jury nullification, and end to police militarization, and an end to forfeiture of non-convicted individuals' property.

Choice in Education and Health

Our America Initiative through many of its state affiliates supports more options, not less, in the health and education markets. For schooling several of our state chapters oppose Common Core nationalization of standards and invasive child data collection, and support charter and other alternatives to monopoly government schooling. In healthcare Our America's honorary chair, Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)  condemned the Supreme Court's approval of ObamaCare's coercion of Americans into nationally-dictated insurance, and joined in several states opposition to limits on hospital offerings for patients or threats to patient privacy or control over medical decisions or informed consent; several of our states even support local food sovereignty as a partial health measure. We signed at the close of the 2015 Congress a coalition letter support for continued opposition to taxpayer bailouts of insurers participating in ObamaCare Exchanges

Respecting Personal Liberty

Our America Initiative laments the descent of our constitutional interpretation such that rights no longer are respected with wide latitude, but rather merely seem tolerated by a government that at the same time recognizes rarely any limits on its power. Since the 2001 acts of terrorism our privacy and due process, especially, have been discarded by Big Brother. We have a petition to stop warrantless searches and opposed extension of the Patriot Act in 2014 without an end to bulk data collection of our emails and calls. In 2015 weopposed the CyberSecurity bill which exposes personal information captured in government data banks to inevitable leaks, after having joined the Reset the Net effort to get institutions to take their own private action to secure the digital communication and data. Our America state affiliates are pursuing other personal rights, including the right to gamble, the right to travel without tracking, the right to due process in terms of not being indefinitely detained, and the right to armed defense.

Limiting and Opening the Government

Our America Initiative seeks a smaller government but also one more open to scrutiny and participation. To help with participation in government we are sponsoring the joint Libertarian-Green lawsuit to stop the Commission on Presidential Debates from using criteria that discriminates against candidates whose qualification on enough state ballots theoretically to win makes them otherwise viable. In many of our states, too, we are coalescing with other groups to liberalize ballot access, to give voters more choices that better meet their political desires. To support scrutiny of what bureaucrats are doing with our taxdollars we support whistleblower protection and strong Freedom of Information Acts. And to limit government power we support spending cuts, including opposition to exceeding the Budget Caps and support in some states for the Balanced Budget Compact. Limiting government also requires cutting unjustified pensions, capping contracts and welfare for corporations, such as the subsidies provided by the Export Import Bank.

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