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National Lobby Day

The Federal Government isn’t the only threat to liberty. Whether it is trying to regulate entrepreneurial services such as Uber out of existence or militarizing local police or imposing job-killing taxes, state legislatures across the country will this year be debating and acting upon measures that will directly impact individual freedom and economic opportunity.

Through its state organizations, the Our America Initiative will be taking the principles of liberty to state capitols in dozens of states, fighting for greater freedom and smaller government.


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OAI Lobby Day Flyer

For details on your state’s Lobby Day -- or to organize one -- go to our volunteer page, sign up, and we will be in touch to put you to work. To learn more about individual state-level efforts, go to Our America's State Projects.

For those unable to make it to their state capitols to lobby specific bills, you still can influence the legislature's deliberations. Just click here and email them a request to "cut taxes and regulations, roll back over-militarization, expand choices in education and health, respect personal liberty and open and limit the government". Adding more specific issues and bills listed at your state Our America Initiative page will garner a more focused response. Be sure to post at Our America Initiative's Facebook page when you send an email, and whatever response you get from your legislator.