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Aug 31
OAI Honorary Chair Judge Jim Gray quoted in opposition to IRS rule to tax and thus close any nonprofit mentioning a candidate. Given that the main organizations criticizing government policies are tax exempt groups, the IRS plan intends to stifle dissent - without which it's hard to improve society. 
Aug 30
Trump's "softening and then hardening" of his threat to deport undocumented workers contrasts drastically with Gary Johnson's border state knowledge that all that's needed to fix the borders is a fast-moving Work Visa line.
Aug 30
NRA criticizes Bill Weld for gun positions shared by Trump - the candidate it endorsed. Hypocrite much? The true 2nd amendment champion is Governor Gary Johnson.
Aug 30
Google, PBS, CNN and the New York Times are censoring stories about Hillary's "pay to play" scheme regarding her stint at the State bureaucracy and her controversial foundation. The media companies all donated to her foundation.
Aug 30
At Our America Initiative's Utah page we have endorsed Congressman Stewart's bill to demilitarize bureaucracies 
Aug 28
Nearly two-thirds of the country wants a third voice on the debate stage.
Aug 28
Hillary led the interventions in Iraq, Libya, Honduras and Syria, so it would shock most experts if she didn't recklessly again shoot first and ask questions (or tell lies) later.
Aug 27
The pattern of abuse by Juvenile and Family Courts in breaking up families using the subjective term "neglect", all breakups triggering federal matching funds (pushed into law by Hillary), suggests cutting off these funds to force the state courts to honor Due Process.
Aug 25
Today Governor Gary Johnson opposed a carbon fee and protected vaccine choice, leaving Hillary as the only candidate against vaccine choice. 
Aug 24
Black Lives Matter: Democrats need to know that unlike Hillary who won't repeal the marijuana prohibition that causes partially the disproportional arrests and deaths of minorities, Governor Gary Johnson will end that aspect of the Drug War.
Aug 24
With Labor's pending increase in overtime exemption , mandatory leave and now higher required wages - coupled with a shortage in skilled kitchen help and a competitive market limiting price hikes to absorb costs - hospitality entrepreneurs are struggling to keep Americans employed.
Aug 24
Economists pick economic plan of Governor Gary Johnson over Trump.
Aug 23
OAI Honorary Chair Judge Jim Gray endorsed Open the Debates' activism plan.
Aug 23 creator Jo Ann Vaccarino interviews with Open the Debates' Kevin Zeese.
Aug 22
What a great visual to help voters understand how important it is not to waste ones vote on candidates they don't support.
Aug 22
Soldiers don't want to be exploited for political reasons - no more regime change or police actions.
Aug 20
With ObamaCare reducing insurance options to a single choice in many counties, thus arrives effectively the dreaded Single Payer Hillary wants and what Trump at least still supports in other countries.
Aug 18
What a distraction privatization criticism presents in the overcriminalization issue.
Aug 18
The DC Circuit's dismissal of the #FairDebates lawsuit leave open a hopeful opportunity for an appeal.
Aug 17
From 2014 to 2015, the economy grew by only 2.6 percent, while the regulatory business grew by 4.3 percent.

Aug 16
Swann's CBS investigation debunks the wasted vote, spoiler and lesser evil myths.
Aug 16
A new PAC may have the donations to make the Debate Commission give up its 15% polling barrier implicitly violating c3 impartiality rules. C3s are supposed to educate, not electioneer.
Aug 12
OAI wants pressure on the pollsters to stop excluding viable candidates from "top-line" comparison questions - a specious practice that undermines the quality of the polls.
Aug 1
ObamaCare architect admits their war on independent physicians and their patients has increased costs and lowered quality. "Small independent practices know their patients better than any large health system ever can,"



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