Our America Initiative


  1. OAI Joins Coalition Letter Against Gas Tax Hike

    Last Updated:
    Over 50 Organizations to Congress: Reject Efforts to Raise the Federal Gas Tax
  2. Fox Covers Governor Johnson on Abolishing the IRS and Opening Debates

    Last Updated:
    From Fox News - Former Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson on taxes and efforts to include third-party candidates in the Presidential debates.
  3. Governor Johnson Slams Restrictive Medical Cannabis Rules

    Last Updated:
    From the SF Reporter - Marijuana Rule Change Blasted: Former Gov. Gary Johnson says regulations would send New Mexico patients over the Colorado border.
  4. Reason Covers OAI Commercial to Fund Debate Lawsuit

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    From Reason.com: The Our America initiative, which is headed up by 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate and former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, has produced a sharp commercial asking for donations to fund a legal challenge to presidential debates. ...
  5. Democracy Now: OAI Chair Gary Johnson Headlines Stop Watching Us Rally

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    October 28, 2013, Washington, DC -- OAI Honorary Chair and Governor Gary Johnson headlined a massive protest against Warrantless Spying, as covered by Amy Goodman at Democracy Now.  The rally came in response to Whistleblowing revelations by NSA contractor...
  6. Gary Johnson launches Our America Initiative

    Last Updated:
    From Independent Political Report - Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has launched a new campaign organization to promote libertarian policy issues and back libertarian candidates for public office.