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OAI Joins Coalition to Stop Abusive Forfeiture

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A fight is underway in DC that could go a long way toward stopping the government from seizing “suspicious” property without Due Process. While many understand the need of a Judiciary to have the power to confiscate property used in criminal acts, Our America Initiative would prohibit forfeiture of these assets of those not convicted of any crime - nor even charged or arrested!  The victims of this government abuse range from small family businesses operating food stands to commercial building owners with tenants merely suspected of illicit activity - or even retirees withdrawing cash to travel the country.  Instead of facing the expense of fighting the feds to recover their assets, victims settle, losing their dreams in the process.  Almost twenty five states have reformed their Asset Forfeiture systems, but President Trump’s Attorney General wants to reverse this trend and let prosecutors escape state and other restrictions - despite his own Inspector General calling into question the program.  OAI encourages calls and emails to Representatives and Senators to end abusive Asset Forfeiture.