Our America Initiative

OAI Louisiana Lobby Day 2015

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Louisiana for Our America, the Louisiana state affiliate of Our America Initiative, a national grassroots 501c(4) advocating fiscal responsibility and personal liberty, supports the following issues and identifies bills for consideration as they may support OAI positions and the liberty movement.

Cut taxes and red tape (examples: income tax, licensing, ride-sharing apps). Please deny Rep Berthelot, Adams, Billiot, Henry Burns, Carter, Leopold, Pope, Pugh, and Schexnayder's HB33 raising fines for littering and Rep Burn's HB38 fining for wireless use on the Causeway, as these are local revenue raisers and require additional government enforcement. Please deny Rep Hoffman's HB224, Rep Thibaut's HB407, Rep Leger's HB487, Rep Ritchie's HB15, Rep Gaines' HB515, and Sen Murray's SB128 additional tobacco taxes. Please deny Rep Leger's HB388, Rep Robideaux's HB639, Rep StGermain's HB712 against additional gasoline tax. Please deny Sen Gallot's SB199 for additional Internet tax.

Rollback over-criminalization (examples: drug war, judicial reform, cop abuse). Please consider Rep Honore's HB6 for medical marijuana; Rep Honore's HB117 for a state-wide election in 2016 to decriminalize marijuana; Rep Harris' HB136 for removal of minimum $50,000 for a trial by jury; Rep Badon's HB149 or Sen Morrell's SB241 for lower fines and less time for possession of marijuana; and Sen Long's SB9 that provides an exception that gives 10-40 years instead of life in prison for aggravated kidnapping where the victim is not hurt or raped and otherwise released.

Restore choice in education and health (examples: Common Core, ObamaCare). Please consider Rep Burford's HB79 for raw honey sales to be exempt from food labeling and Sen LaFleur's SB238 for legalizing raw milk sales from farmer to consumer.

Respect personal liberty (examples: privacy, due process, gun rights). Please deny Rep Adams' HB103 for expanding electronic surveillance authority to the Attorney General and certain employees of that office. Please deny Rep Badon's HB179 for authorizing the DA's investigators to have arrest power. Please Deny Rep Johnson's HB707 against individual rights of somer as it is for only marriage of a man and woman.

Open & limit the government (examples: transparency, ballot access, balanced budget amendment). There are no related bills or no bills to support related to each