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OAI Virginia Lobby Day 2015

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OAI VA, the Virginia state affiliate of Our America Initiative, a national grassroots 501c(4) advocating fiscal responsibility and personal liberty, supports the following issues and positions and identifies bills for consideration as they may support OAI. Information regarding all proposed legislation can be found at http://legiscan.com/VA/legislation.


HB 1245 (Cline) reducing corporate tax from 6% to 5%; HJ 505 (Cole) forming joint subcommittee to study tax reform, including either flat or fair tax; HJR 45 (DeSteph) studying license (BPOL) tax reform; HB 1290 (Bell) exempting direct-to-consumer milk-based product sales from government inspection; HB 1461 (Morris) exempting small milk farmers' consumer direct sales from government oversight; HJR 490 (Bell) proposing constitutional amendment allowing right to work; HJR 515 (Head) proposing constitutional amendment suspending regulations by majority vote; SB 687 (Marsden) limiting unwarranted retirement benefits.


HB 1277 (Yost)/SB 955 (Dance) legalizing hemp; HB 686 (Ebbin) decriminalizing marijuana; HB 1606 (Garrett) regulating private police departments; HB 1287 (Cole)/SB 684 (Carrico) repealing pre-conviction asset forfeiture; HJR 26 (Landes) consolidating agency law enforcement under State Police; HB 1317 (Campbell) raising reckless driving speed limit to 85mph; HB 1376 (McQuinn) prohibiting arrest quotas; HJ 528 (Marshall) proposing JLARC study problem of police over-militarization; HB 1670 (Berg) confirming Sheriff as a locality's top enforcement officer.


HJ 526 (Lingamfelter) proposing constitutional amendment allowing state-wide charter schools; SB 724 (Black) prohibiting board implementation of Common Core standards without legislative authorization; HB 1591 (DeSteph) labeling genetically modified foods; HJ 519 (Morris) proposing constitutional amendment allowing unregulated, direct farm food sales; HB 1391 (Albo) proposing interstate compact for participating states, not the federal government, to regulate healthcare; SB 732 (Stanley) allowing dying patients access to drugs that haven’t completed FDA review; HB 1605 (Plum) expanding medical marijuana beyond cancer/glaucoma; HB 1500 (Carr) allowing narcotics immunity to aid overdose victim.


HB 1673 (Anderson) requiring warrants for electronic data collection, excepting short-term license plate readings in emergencies; HB 1274 (Farrell) prohibiting spying on technical devices without warrant; HB 1308 (Marshall) imposing penalties for violating communications privacy; HB 1269 (Anderson) requiring warrants for passive surveillance; HJ 578 (Anderson) proposing constitutional amendment prohibiting general warrants; HB 1281 (Spruill) requiring technical “kill switch” for unauthorized users; HB 1504 (Hope) compensating victims of coerced sterilization, HJR 522 (Herring) allowing voting rights post-sentence for non-violent felons; HJR 508 (Cole) proposing constitutional amendment confirming right to bear arms; SB 683 (Martin) allowing restricted driver’s license for DUI test refusers; HB 1298 (Morris) requiring probable cause for government searching of boats.


HB 1463 (Rasoul) lowering qualified party percentage from 10% statewide to 4%; SB 766 (Edwards) halving signatures requirement to 5,000 statewide/200 congressional; HB 1646 (Pogge) invalidating bureaucrat actions violating public notice; HB 1722 (Ramadan) including public university presidents under FOIA; HJR 497 (Lingamfelter) calling for convention for amendments only to limit government power; HJR 498 (Landes) limiting Article V convention to only a single amendment; HJR 499 (LeMunyon) calling a convention for balanced budget amendment; HP 1305 (Farrell) prohibiting “revolving door”; HJR 500 (Cole) requiring timely passage of appropriations acts.

For more information: contact Charles Frohman, OAI, at 202-258-8027 or CharlesFrohman@OurAmericaInitiative.com.

Our America Initiative is a national issue advocacy organization dedicated to the fundamental principles of individual liberty, the free market and limited government. Positions expressed on specific legislation by Our America's state organizations do not necessarily constitute endorsement or opposition on the part of the national organization.