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OAI Virginia Thumbs Down Report 2016

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This year, OAI VA supports the following issues and positions (in bold type) and identifies bills for consideration as they may support our stance and bills that, instead, potentially conflict with our stances and are of concern. All bills can be found at http://www.richmondsunlight.com/bills/.

Confiscatory Taxation:

HB20 Peanuts; extends sunset provision (Ingram); HB215 Income tax, state; annual inflation adjustment (LeMunyon); HB92 Local taxes; interest on refunds (Cole); SB1 Excise tax on peanuts (Lucas); SB114 Plastic bag; tax imposed/Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Petersen); SB15 Economic development, local; transfer of taxes to qualified locality (Garrett).

Smothering Red Tape:

HB212 Veterinary establishments; regulations (LeMunyon); HB325 Veterinarians; practice of medicine (Orrock).


HB102 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, penalty (Lingamfelter); HB244 Nuisance; property where breach of peace recurs (Ward); HB277 Heroin; manufacture, selling, etc., mandatory minimum sentence (Miyares); HB284 Controlled substance; manufacturing, etc., resulting in overdose (Collins); HB35 Hate crimes; reporting (Sullivan); HB89 Unmanned aircraft system; use during commission of a crime, penalty (Cole);SB16 Passing stopped school buses; mailing of summons (Favola); SB66 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, accommodation, penalty (Wexton); SB82 Hate crimes (Favola).

Choice in Education and Health:

HB333 School property; use by youth (Pogge); HB36 Twelfth-grade government courses public high school; civics portion of U.S. Naturalization Test (Bell); HB57 Student attendance; withdrawal/students absent without excuse (Kory); HB71 SOL assessments; receipt/ administration date (Farrell); HB07 Sick leave; certain private employers/provide paid benefits (Simon).

Personal Liberty:

HB149 Concealed handgun permits; federal Terrorist Screening Database (Simon); HB179 Virginia Human Rights Act; prohibited discrimination in employment (Kory); SB156 Concealed handgun permit; family member/submit statement to court (Favola); SB184 Firearms magazines, certain; prohibition (Marsden); SB185 Firearms, loaded; prohibition; exception (Marsden); SB186 Concealed handgun permits; proof of competence (Marsden); SB187 Transfer of firearms; permit required (Marsden); SB198 Concealed weapons; internal investigations authority (Lucas); SB199 Transfer of firearms; criminal history record (Lucas); SB214 Sale of firearms; Terrorist Screening Database (Favola); SB220 Firearm transfers; penalties (McEachin); SB247 Search warrants; person subject to arrest/unlawfully restrained (Black); SB76 Service of process (Wexton); SB97 Handguns; limitation on purchases, penalty (Marsden).

Opening (Transparency) and Limiting the Government:

HB288 Disposable plastic shopping bags; local option to prohibit distribution (Helsel); HB323 Alcoholic beverage control; purchase and sale of products (Knight); HJ3 United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states (Lingamfelter); SB129 Minimum wage; increases minimum wage from its current federally mandated level (Edwards); SB62 Electoral College; allocation of electoral votes (Carrico); SJ1 United States Constitution; ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment (Surovell); SJ11 United States Constitution; Equal Rights Amendment (Wexton); SJ4 Constitutional amendment; Governor's term of office (Garrett); HB139 Virginia Human Rights Act; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, causes of action (McQuinn); HB171 Alcoholic beverage control; food-beverage ratio for certain mixed beverage licensees (Albo); SB138 Firearms retailers; local regulation, proximity to schools (Favola); SB39 Alcoholic beverages; unlawful transport by persons who are under age 21, penalty (Carrico); SB21 Clean Power Plan; state implementation plan; General Assembly approval (Chafin); SB24 MMIE projects; Virginia Public Building authorized to finance (Reeves); SB55 Disposable plastic shopping bags; local option to prohibit distribution (Locke); SB95 Use of firearm in commission of crime; civil liability (Marsden); HB02 Clean Power Plan; state implementation plan, General Assembly approval (O'Quinn); SB114 Plastic bag; tax imposed in Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Petersen); SB202 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; disclosure of salaries of public employees (Stuart); HB272 Illegally obtained information; receipt and publication, penalty (Albo); HB70 Magistrates; issuance of warrants for law-enforcement officers (Miller).