Our America Initiative

OAI Virginia Thumbs-Up Report 2016

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OAI VA, the Virginia state affiliate of Our America Initiative, a national grassroots 501c(4), advocates in support of fiscal responsibility and personal liberty. This year, OAI VA supports the following issues and positions (in bold type) and identifies bills for consideration as they may support our stance and bills that, instead, potentially conflict with our stances and are of concern. All bills can be found at http://www.richmondsunlight.com/bills/.

Confiscatory Taxation:

HB216 (LeMunyon)

Phases out tax on food purchases; HB15 (Ware) Property subject to tax in lowest classification occupied; HJ9 (Cole) Appeal to create Fair Tax standard.

Smothering Red Tape:

Supply-side healthcare reform bills allow more competition, potentially lowering medical care costs:

HB59/ HB193 /HB347/ HB348/ HB349/ HB350/ HB463/ HB621/ HB651 (Byron) (O'Bannon)(Head)(R.Bell) Certificate of Public Need reform; HB581/ SB264 (Robinson) (Dance) Nurse practitioners to provide independent patient care; SB19 (Stanley) Telemedicine pilot program; HB313 (Orrock) Allows NPs, PAs, LPNs to vaccinate children; HB252 (Kory) Broadens assistant speech pathologist duties; HB310 (Orrock) Mobile dental clinics exempt from registration requirements; HB314 (Orrock) Allows insulin administration by school employees. Sales reform bills: HB62 (Morris) Exempts oversight for three or fewer cows/goats; SB152 (Reeves) Regulations allowing sale of furs and animal parts; HB262 (Lingamfelter) Allows sale of wildlife products.


HB74/ HB112/ HB188/ HB395/ SB22/ SB101/ SB194 (Campbell) (Lingamfelter) (Taylor), (Heretick) (McDougle), (Cosgrove) (Lucas), Expungment of records; HB53 (Rasoul) Sentence modification juvenile offenders; SB104 (Ebbin) Marijuana decriminalization; HB170 (Albo) Reduced penalty for controlled paraphernalia; HB396/ SB23/ SB177/ SB226/ SB235 (Heretick) (Reeves) (Surovell) (Lucas) (Petersen). Increases felony threshold amount; HB48/SB108 (Cole)(Petersen) Forfeiture of property requires guilty finding; SB42 (Carrico) "knowingly" added to statute on stolen goods.

Choice in Education and Health:

HB265/ HB3/ HJ1/ SJ6 (Davis) (R.Bell) (Obenshain) Support and rights of charter schools; HB389 (LaRock) Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; HB08 (R.Bell) Virginia Virtual School Board established; HB131 (R.Bell) Homeschooler/ interscholastic programs (Tebow Bill); HB93 (Kory) local school boards responsible for setting and determining opening day of school; SB203 (Miller) Reduces SOL assessment requirements; HB259 (LaRock) Approval requirement prior to replacing SOL with Common Core State Standards; HB338 (Pogge) No resources to support Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Personal Liberty:

Nondiscrimination; marriage: HB5/ SB10/ SJ2/ SJ9/ SJ32(Simon)(Ebbin)(Locke) (McEachin) Repeal the statutory prohibitions on same-sex marriages and civil unions; SB12 (Ebbin) Nondiscrimination in public employment; SB145 (Edwards), Allows the parties to a marriage to designate an officiant; HB19 (Head) no oath required required of persons officiating marriage ceremony. Second Amendment Rights: HB206/ HB273 (Webert) (LaRock) Transfer of certain firearms, single ID required; HB260 (LaRock) certification must be provided within 60 days by police where required; HB76/ HB79/ HB90/ HB119/ HB167/ HB332/ HB382 (Marshall) (Cole) (Webert) (Taylor) (Miller), (Fowler) Possession of firearms by certain classes of persons; SB48 (Black);Constitutional carry; SB12 (Ware) Removes certain requirements for an out-of-state concealed handgun permit or license; HB49(Cole) Codifies United States in District of Columbia v. Heller; SB175 (Stuart) No sharing of information re: concealed handgun permits w/o reciprocity; HB83 (Marshall) No aid in enforcement of federal firearms laws. General: HB699 (Pogge) Production of industrial hemp; HJ6 (Stolle) Life-prolonging care; HB107/ SJ12 (Habeeb) (Dance); Restoration voting right; HB4 (Bell) Require jury instruction in capital cases; HB142 (Marshall); Police shall not use X-rays without a warrant; HB141 (Marshall) Regarding info collected by license plate readers.

Opening (Transparency) and Limiting the Government:

HB26/ HB247/ SB59/ SB191 (Sullivan) (Howell), (Ward)(Miller) Redistricting reform; HB264 (Davis) prohibiting certain practices requiring contractors to provide compensation; HB153 (Simon) semiannual inspection of disclosures;HB152 (Simon) grants investigative authority to Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council; HB61/ HB220/ HB282/ HB308/ HB334/ HB336 (Morris) (Taylor) (Marshall) (Pogge) Relating to FOIA; make more transparent; HB82 (Rasoul) Changes the definition of "party" or "political party" to mean an organization of citizens that received at least five percent of the total vote cast for any statewide office; HJ18 (Rasoul) Con Amendment on term limits of General Assembly; HB246 (Cole) attorney for the Commonwealth, must permit the accused to inspect evidence; SB13 (Garrett) General Assembly members misconduct; SB85 (Garrett) Public utility; rates/service regulation.