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In September, almost a year after the 2016 election, more Americans than ever, 61%, believe a third major political party is needed. In contrast, only one-third, 34%, believe the Republican and Democratic parties are enough. That’s according to a Gallup survey. Other polls in recent years have shown the same.

So why does the two-party stranglehold on the political system, and more importantly, the government, persist?

The answer is actually straightforward -- and unacceptable. The control exerted by the two major parties is today so strong that they can, and do, block independent voices, candidates and parties from achieving the critical mass of viability among the electorate. They exert that control despite the wishes of almost 2 out of 3 American voters.

From the Presidential Debates, which are blatantly rigged to exclude any qualified candidates other than the Republican and Democrat, to “ballot access” laws across the nation that make it extremely difficult and costly to even get on the ballot, the two major parties are remarkably united in their determination to preserve their duopoly.  And the notion that America has only two parties is so pervasive that the news media has come to accept, and thus, support it.

Ironically, even the Founding Fathers warned of the perils should control of government end up in the hands of only two competing political parties.

How will the stranglehold be broken? It will only happen when the two-thirds of voters who are not satisfied with their choices refuse to tolerate it.  And given the current state of affairs -- and politics, the time to organize and deploy that dissatisfaction is now.

With Gov. Bill Weld as Honorary Chairman, who along with Gov. Gary Johnson, garnered the highest vote total for a “third party” presidential ticket since Ross Perot, the Our America Initiative is uniquely positioned to lead a long-overdue, organized and professional campaign to educate voters and mobilize a serious grassroots, grasstops and media movement to break down ballot access barriers, open debates and show voters that third party and independent candidates are viable options. Key to this effort, obviously, is a corresponding program to recruit and support credible, qualified and attractive candidates.

The time is right. The need is critical. And the opportunity is great.

This will be the largest project undertaken by OAI.

The veteran political and public affairs professionals at Our America are developing a nationwide “Stop the Political Duopoly” campaign to raise public awareness of unfair ballot access laws, debate rules and media biases that stand in the way of otherwise viable independent and third party candidates, with the objective of achieving a critical mass in public opinion and outcry that will bring about positive change.

The Stop the Political Duopoly campaign will include the following:

National rallies, symposiums and events with media appearances by credible, nationally-recognized  spokespersons. (Gov. Johnson, Gov Weld, celebrities, political commentators, and others)

Cost:  $150,000.00

Ballot access, initiative advocacy to allow equal representation at the ballot box.

Cost:  $150,000.00

Utilizing Our America’s and social media assets campaigns with advertising to attract growth and participation (1.8 Million current followers), inform and mobilize an aggressive advocacy campaign demanding fair debates, reasonable ballot access and recognition of credible independent and third party candidates.

Cost: $100,000.00

Candidate recruitment and training. It is a simple reality that no campaign can succeed without qualified, articulate and credible candidates and campaign staff that understand political campaigning. Key to recruiting such candidates is providing them and their staffs with the knowledge of how to to organize, run and complete a successful effort.

Cost: $50,000.00

Building upon Our America’s database of nearly 1 million self-identified supporters of independent and libertarian candidates, as well as 1.8 million social media followers, organize and execute aggressive grassroots lobbying efforts at state levels to reform ballot access laws and increase public demand for a “level playing field” in America.

Cost: $100,000.00

With voter dissatisfaction with the status quo at all time highs, the opportunity has never been greater to tap into that sentiment and achieve concrete results. All that is lacking is a professional, coordinated and focused national effort to achieve real fairness.

That is the purpose of the “Stop the Duopoly” campaign. Watch for updates!

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