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The Game is Rigged

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By: Gov. Gary Johnson

In 2016, 7 million Americans voted for a presidential candidate OTHER than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton -- despite only one other candidate being on the ballot in all 50 states.

So why do the Republicans and Democrats get automatic ballot access in all 50 states while my campaign had to spend thousands of hours, millions of dollars, and hire teams of attorneys to do it?

Because the game is rigged by the two-party duopoly.

Americans deserve more choice and real competition at the ballot box.

That’s why I need YOU to help Our America Initiative to fight back.


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From the fight to open the Presidential Debates to the tireless work for third party ballot access, Our America Initiative has emerged as the nation’s most effective voice for giving voters real choices.

As a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization with thousands of activists all across the nation in all 50 states, we can level the playing field for candidates who want to challenge politics as usual.


But entrenched special interests will do anything they can to stop us. Just this week, a candidate in Utah has to go to court to simply have his name on the ballot. In Arizona, the legislature just enacted new laws to keep third parties off the ballot.

The story is the same all across the country. But I’m not going to sit by and let the two-party duopoly control our elections.

Will you?

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We have to fight for liberty. And the peaceful protection of liberty starts at the ballot box.

America deserves honest, fair and open elections.

Our America Initiative is supported by thousands of Americans like YOU. We’re taking on the two parties and fighting for fair elections.

Join us.

In Liberty,

Signature of Gov. Gary Johnson

Gary E. Johnson