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A Message From Gov. Gary Johnson

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Last November, a record number of Americans cast their votes for something different: liberty, truly free markets, and an honest alternative to the status quo.

In the face of more than a billion dollars spent by each of the two major parties -- I am humbled by the support you gave my campaign.

And it paid off big time.

Ballot access is available to non-major candidates in more states than ever after an election in America’s history. In the courtroom, the Commission on Presidential Debates is on its heels. Those impacts alone will make the nation, and the Liberty Movement, better. After a little time to reflect, we are ready to take on the Washington establishment.

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Like most Americans, I’ve been waiting to see whether the new administration will push for a smaller, more responsible government.

The results? Not impressive.

President Trump and his supporters are intent on replacing one broken version of government-managed health care with another.

And the opposition has reacted like children.

We’ve seen a proposed budget that will give us trillions in new debt.

And we’ve seen more of the same big government approaches to drug policy, criminal justice, immigration, and mass surveillance.

Gov. Gary Johnson 2016 Rally

Regardless of which party is in power, Congress is determined to return to policies that have not only failed, but eroded freedoms almost beyond recognition.

The voices of liberty, free markets, and real freedom need to be raised. The 4.5 million Americans who spoke out in November, the hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and the activists and contributors who worked night and day to help shape a freer, more prosperous future need to once again, make ourselves heard.

That’s why I am proud to support and rededicate myself to Our America Initiative, the only nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing successful reforms that limit government, maximize freedom, and prevent the D.C. elite from hijacking our liberty.

We will be active all across the country.

And we will defeat the establishment and media.

But we need you.

America is waiting.

You in?

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Gov. Gary Johnson