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The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to Our America Initiative are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes Our America Initiative has a no refunds policy.


Improved Voter Representation

June, 2015. Our America Initiative supports Arkansas' Improved Voter Representation Act Cause, an effort to find a state representative or senator to introduce legislation to ease the challenge of political parties remaining on the ballot without having to undertake grueling and expensive signature petition efforts. After attaining ballot access by petition, new political parties must attain 3% of the vote for Governor or President to remain on the ballot for the next cycle. Our proposed legislation would reduce this percentage to 2, apply it to any statewide office, and extend recognition to the next two cycles. The percentage of voters who self-identify as independents continues to rise each year, reaching 42% in 2013 according to a Gallup Poll. That indicates a huge segment of the population that no longer feels they are being adequately represented by the current two-party duopoly.  We ask supporters to find their representative and senator to ask them to introduce this proposal, and post at OAI's Facebook Group the results of your effort. With your donation now and input from our Advisory Councils, we could advocate ballot access reform through more of our forty-nine state affiliates and attract needed resources for our national lawsuit to open up the Presidential Debates to all viable candidates.  Join our cause please and help give voters the choices they demand.

Regulation Freedom Amendment

January, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports the Regulation Freedom Amendment, which would help Congress exercise its proper policy role over regulations - the rules bureaucracies pass to implement laws passed by Congress.  Unfortunately, the regulations issued by agencies often exceed the authority granted by the law and even include costs - "unfunded mandates" - on states, businesses and individuals for which no corresponding reimbursement is forthcoming.  Congress has tried to end this unlawful bureaucratic behavior with passage in the House of the "Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny" (REINS) Act, requiring that Congress approve major federal regulations, but the bill never passed the Senate and won't be signed into law by the president.  When Congress refuses to protect citizens' rights, the founders in our Constitution included (in Article V) a remedy for states to call a Convention to amend the Constitution to offer such needed protection.  Because some express concern that an Article V convention could make the Constitution less protective of rights than it is currently, the Advance Arkansas group has also put forward the Madison Amendment, in which the states initiating a constitutional convention pre-agree on the amendment to be considered as well as the poison pills to end the convention should delegates disobey their state instructions.  Only two-thirds of state legislatures are needed to force Congress to propose a "Regulation Freedom" amendment to the U.S. Constitution just as the states forced Congress to propose the original Bill of Rights.  We ask supporters, then, to email their state representatives and senators to "propose and pass a Regulation Freedom Amendment to protect consumers and job-creating entrepreneurs from smothering rules unauthorized and unfunded by Congress".  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Council on Over-Regulation, Our America Initiative can expand efforts through more of our fifty state affiliates to limit the damage bureaucrats impose on our economy, job-creating entrepreneurs and individual rights.

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