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Drug Task Force Militarization

October 2014 - Our America Initiative endorses the Show-Me Cannabis campaign to end DoJ's Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funding for Drug Task Forces that results only in the unnecessary militarization of the police and hyper-targeting of marijuana users.  JAG funding largely is allocated to highly militarized multi-jurisdictional drug task forces that embody the very worst of the war on drugs.  Missouri could just as easily choose to allocate the funding to drug treatment, prevention, and education — as many states do.  Missouri supporters of Our America Initiative are encouraged to find their state representative and senator to ask them to support legislation to "stop JAG funding of drug task forces which leads to police overmilitarization".  To help Our America Initiative roll back the Drug War and reverse the over-militarization epidemic, we have Advisory Councils on Drug Policy and OverCriminalization.  Supporters are welcome to sign our national petition to end marijuana prohibition and donate now to help us expand projects through more of our 50 state affiliates.

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