Let Juries Know Their Rights

May, 2015 - Our America Initiative is concerned judges have failed to inform members of trial juries of their rights in regards to findings for defendants.  Since the 1215 Magna Carta signed by King John defendants have had their due process rights in trials respected not only with the possibility of being found not guilty based on the facts of the case, but also on the potential immorality of the law.  Thus if a defendant may technically be guilty of the accusations made by the plaintiff, a jury still could free the accused if the law offends ones morality.  A defendant, for example, may be guilty of selling drugs, but the lack of victims or evil intent in such acts may lead a juror to want to free the defendant since the act should not be regarded as a crime.  In this case the jury could "nullify" the verdict, freeing the defendant.  Until this past century judges routinely informed jurors of this option.  For example, our first Chief Justice, John Jay, told jurors:  "You have a right to take upon yourselves to judge both the facts and law".  Thus, we urge emails and calls to New Hampshire's representatives and senators to pass HB470, a bill to require judges to fully inform jurors of their right to find defendants not guilty based not only on the facts of the case, but also on the morality of the law.  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Councils on Civil Liberties and OverCriminalization, we could expand judicial reform advocacy through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Easing Ballot Access

January, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports Representative Abramson's HB 665, which would reduce to one-tenth of 1% of the population the number of signatures required to access a ballot for independent candidates and the nominees of newly qualifying parties (including any previously qualified parties that did not meet the current ballot retention threshold of 4% for Governor).  As the law now stands, no such candidates can be offered to voters as a choice unless they complete the arduous task of collecting about 3,000 signatures for a statewide office - that's 3,000 New Hampshire residents who have to be interrupted in their important, daily tasks to sign a petition for the basic request of an open competition for elections.  Most consumers wouldn't tolerate artificial monopolies in any other market, so why should we accept a "Coke and Pepsi" dynamic with who decides how much of our income and liberties to expend?  After finding your state representative and senator, email them please a request to "support HB 665 to reduce the number of signatures required to give voters more choices".  For campaign updates "like" the NH Ballot Access Fairness Coalition.  Ballot access and election liberalization are important goals not only in our state, but nationally as well.  Indeed, we need your donation now to pay for the lawsuit to force the Presidential Debate Commission to accept all viable candidates.  With input from our Advisory Council on Civil Liberties we could expand ballot access and other libertarian goals through more of our fifty state affiliates.

The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to Our America Initiative are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes . Our America Initiative has a no refunds policy. 

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