Uniform Primary Ballot

April, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports the Uniform Primary Ballot bill (SB707) to remove major party primary elections from the primary ballots.  Future primary ballots would only include ballot measures, referenda, and non-partisan elections.  Major parties would conduct, monitor, and finance their own candidate selection processes as minor parties already do.  The benefits would be that all voters in a district would have the same primary ballot, and non-affiliated and third-party voters would no longer subsidize the candidate selection processes of major parties.  These benefits coincidentally also are touted by proponents of the twice-defeated "Top Two" primary proposal - an existential threat to third parties which is also opposed by many Republicans and Democrats.  Only the Uniform Primary Ballot achieves these benefits without smothering choices for voters.  We ask for emails, then, to your representative and senator, asking for support for the Uniform Primary bill.  Our America Initiative seeks reform of election laws not only in Oregon but also in many other states and nationwide.  Indeed, your donation now is needed for our pending lawsuit to force the Presidential Debate Commission to invite to the debates any candidate achieving ballot access in enough states to win.

Right to Try

December, 2014 - Our America Initiative supports the "Right to Try" bill soon to be introduced by Representative Greenlick.  It would allow terminally ill patients greater access to experimental medical treatments.  While these treatments have not been certified as "effective" in the usual sense, they have passed initial Food and Drug Administration safety tests - and most important offer hope to patients fighting for their lives.  The FDA already offers limited access to experimental drugs, but many patients close to death lack permission to access such trials, and the bureaucracy to access them discourages participation.  We ask Oregonians to email their representative and senator to cosponsor Greenlick's "Right to Try" bill.  With the support of Our America Initiative, "Right to Try" already passed in Arizona and several other states.  Our Advisory Councils on Overregulation and Health Reform are seeking more states in which to remove bureaucratic obstacles to health freedom; with yourdonation now we could advocate such issues through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Right to Privacy

December, 2014 - Our America Initiative supports a bill soon to be introduced by Representative Boquist to create in Oregon's Constitution an explicit right to individual privacy.  The proposal reads "The right of individual privacy is essential to the well-being of a free society and may not be infringed without a showing of a compelling state interest."  Despite the clear prohibition in the U.S. Constitution's fourth amendment against warrantless search and the 5th amendment's prohibition on due process-free seizure of property, our government through the Patriot Act and National Security Agency have ignored our privacy rights while spying and seizing - without either a warrant or due process - emails, texts, calls and web searches. Because the Boquist bill would amend Oregon's Constitution, if it passed both houses of the legislature the bill would skip the governor's desk and go instead directly to Oregon voters as a ballot initiative.  We ask Oregonians to email their representative and senator to cosponsor Boquist's "Right to Privacy" bill.  Our America Initiative has a similar project nationally - a petition to end warrantless spying everyone is asked to sign.  With the input of our Advisory Councilson Civil Liberties and Technology Freedom - and with a donation from you now - we could expand privacy and property advocacy through more of our fifty state affiliates.

New Approach Oregon

October, 2014 - Our America Initiative encourages Oregon voters on November 4th to support New Approach Oregon's Initiative 91.  The measure would tax and regulate like wine - instead of prosecute as a crime - limited marijuana use and sales.  Instead of fining, caging and ruining the lives of non-violent Oregonians, passage of 91 would bring to our state the same benefits legalization has brought to Colorado according to the prestigious Brookings Institute.  These include millions of dollars in new tax revenue, sensible controls on the marijuana market, and thousands of legal jobs.  Be sure to check that your voter registration is valid.  In addition to voting for the initiative, Oregonians can volunteer with New Approach Oregon.  Our America Initiative is supporting drug reform initiatives in several states and has a national petition to repeal marijuana prohibition you can sign here.  With the input of our Advisory Council on Drug Reform - and whatever amount you can donate now - we can expand drug reform efforts through more of our fifty state affiliates. (Editor's note:  On November 4th this ballot initiative passed).


January 24 Western Liberty Network Leadership Training Conference and Expo

The Western Liberty Network, a non-partisan 501c3 organization run by Our America Initiative's Oregon Director, will be holding a training conference for grass roots activists.  Our America Initiative members and volunteers are encouraged to attend.  Attendees will be able to participate in breakout sessions teaching them how to: 1) Get Elected/Appointed to Local Non-Partisan Office, 2) Lobbying Legislators and Office Holders, 3) Circulating Petitions and Other Skills and, 4) How to Manage Campaigns and Build Your Group.

Private speech training will also be available and attendees will have a chance to take the entrance exam for the National Association of Parlaimentarians.  An excellent speaking panel has been assembled.  People can learn more about the event, register, secure lodging at a heavily discounted rate, and obtain study materials

The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to Our America Initiative are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Our America Initiative has a no refunds policy.

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