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Industrial Hemp Coalition

August 2014 - Our America Initiative is a cosponsor of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition to pass the Virginia Industrial Hemp Farming Act - Bill # 1277  - which has been submitted to the Virginia General Assembly and should get a vote early in 2015. We are asking everyone in Virginia to please call, email, send letters and set up meetings with your local State Delegate and Senator and ask them to Co-Sponsor Bill #1277. Also you can send an email to Governor Terry McAuliffe asking for his support when the bill lands on his desk to be signed into law. You can find your local Virginia Delegate and Senator - as well as the governor's contact info - at the Take Action link at www.vahemp.org. We thank you for your support in this very important cause for Virginia's economy and environment.  Click on the VAHemp website for info to help in your communication about this opportunity.

USA Freedom Act  

April 2014 - Virginia for Our America Initiative supports Demand Progress in its urging of Virginians to call both Representatives Goodlatte and Cantor to demand consideration and passage of the USA FREEDOM Act.  This proposed legislation repeals the Patriot Act's insidious violation of 4th Amendment prohibition of warrantless spying on innocent Americans.  To salvage what's left of personal privacy, please click on the link to help OAI contact these members of Congress who, because of their positions on the Judiciary and Leadership committees, respectively, are especially important to the fate of this legislation.  To participate, please help here: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/va_nsa/.

Lobby Day

January 2014 - For the 2014 session of Virginia's legislature, OAI-Virginia has reviewed most of the General Assembly's 2,000 bills and divided them among 6 positions we hold: 

* Cutting taxes and regulations,

* Making law enforcement comply with the law,

* Restoring health freedom,

* Expanding school choice,

* Respecting personal freedom, and

* Strengthening constitutional limits on government. 

Under each of those positions we've listed bills we hope our legislators would "consider" as supporting our issues, and bills that raise a "concern" that they conflict with our goals.  We don't support or oppose any bills, just highlight bills as they impact our 6 issues. The bills are just a step in the direction of our issues. Read More

During the 2014 session OAI supporters are encouraged to forward this page as a link to their delegate and senator, posting any response you get at our Virginia For Our America Facebook page.  Click here to find your legislators.  After emailing your delegate and senator, try to schedule a meeting with them in their district office to reiterate the importance of our 6 issues, as described in the handout. 

For any questions, please contact VA OAI director Juanita Billings."


Lobby Day 2016

January, 2016.  Our America Initiative for the third year in a row returns to the General Assembly in Richmond to support and oppose bills in relation to how they meet six objectives:  (1) cutting confiscatory taxes; (2) reducing smothering regulation; (3) rolling back over-criminalization; (4) restoring choices in education and health; (5) respecting personal liberty; and (6) opening and limiting the government.  Click here to review, print out and make copies of the handout.  Join us on Lobby Day January 18 at 9am by the Bell Tower at 9th and Broad Streets for copies of the handout, or come to the legislature when you can.  Whether you can come to the Capitol or not, email your delegate and senator the linked handout so they know your position on the bills - and consider including in your email an invitation to meet in their district office to discuss the handout.  Be sure to track the bills until session adjournment later this year, and keep emailing (and calling) them to vote the right way!  Consider also please a monthly donation to help more of OAI's fifty state affiliates participate in the national Lobby Day project, to reduce government coercion and restore personal liberty.

Lobby Day 2015

January 2015 - Our America Initiative supports its Virginia affiliate in advocating 5 general proposals to improve the state, with specific bills listed under each proposal.  We invite activists to email their delegate and senator the handout with all the supported bills.  At that link you also could request a meeting with your politicians at their Richmond offices or district offices near you.  This project should extend to the early Spring date for adjournment, so let the emails fly!  Be sure to post to Our America Initiative's Virginia Facebook page any results from your emails or visits.

Deregulate Direct-to-Consumer Food Sales
December, 2014 - Our America Initiative supports H.B. 1290, Delegate Bell's Food Freedom Act.  The bill will free farmers and artisan food producers from expensive, complicated government regulations when selling locally processed foods direct to a consumer without the intermediary of a retail outlet.  The products would require a disclosure to customers that the good was not inspected by the government, inspections which are becoming increasingly ineffective.  Regardless of increased tax dollars and powers every year the Food and Drug Administration continuously fails to protect the public from pathogens.  Farmers and artisan food processors currently face limits by law on what or how much they can sell from their crops or kitchen - even to neighbors who want nothing but access to wholesome, local food.  Such limits deny some farms and families the chance to earn an income and perversely helps the industrial farm system.  We encourage supporters to sign the petition to pass Food Freedom, after which your petition will be hand delivered to Virginia's House Agriculture Subcommittee in the legislature.  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Councils on Health Freedom and Over-Regulation, Our America Initiative could expand food freedom efforts through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Decriminalizing Marijuana

November, 2014 - Our America Initiative strongly supports SB 686, Senator Ebbin's bill to eliminate criminal penalties for the possession of marijuana.  We urge supporters to email their delegate and senator in support of SB 686, for marijuana decriminalization.  Each year Virginia arrests approximately 20,000 individuals for marijuana possession, ruining the lives of countless, non-violent consumers whose resulting criminal record hampers their future opportunities in employment, family cohesion, eligibility for scholarships, child custody, and housing.  In addition to this state issue, we encourage supporters to sign our petition to end marijuana prohibition nationally.  With your donation and input from our advisory councils on Over-criminalization, Civil Liberties and Drug Reform, Our America Initiative could promote an end to the Drug War through more of our fifty state affiliates.

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