Our America Initiative

Redefining the liberty movement in America!

In addition to litigating, lobbying and marketing to advocate liberty, OAI hosts events in partnership with local groups in states across the country.  To bring our Live Free Tour - or any of our Honorary Board or Advisory Council members to your event - email info@OurAmericaInitiative.com

Upcoming Events​​

2016 Fall:  Live Free Tour.  Email Info@OurAmericaInitiative.com now to express interest in bringing OAI's tour to your state, campus or local hall.  With thought leaders, libertarian CEOs, and entertainment, we will inspire your audience to activate for liberty, both for the nation and world at large, but also for their personal dreams.  Click the link for details.

Past Events

July 14 - OAI hosts booth at FreedomFest, the biggest annual freedom festival, raising hundreds of dollars selling FairDebates TShirts and buttons, and OAI Founder Governor Gary Johnson's book on Seven Principals.  At the event COO Charles Frohman interviewed about OAI's goals, while Honorary Chair Judge Jim Gray explained to Reason's Matt Welch about how to dislodge the #FairDebates lawsuit from Judge Collyer's DC federal court. 

January 30 presentation in San antonio- Judge Jim Gray (RET) will be speaking at the 2016 Libertarian dinner.
The time is 6-9 PM Saturday January 30. Located at Stone Werks Restaurant at 999 E. Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209. Please note there are multiple Stone Werks Restaurants in San Antonio. If you have trouble with the registration site, contact at 210-957-9780 or email chair@lpbexar.og. 2016libertariandinner.com