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Legalize Marijuana

July, 2016 -.  It is important for OAI to repeal laws that criminalize victimless behavior lacking evil intent.  Drug prohibition endangers communities and is bankrupting our government, so we endorse this Fall the "Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Question 2."  Click here for how Nevadans could help, and also please sign OAI's petition to repeal national marijuana prohibition.


Our America Initiative is a cosponsor of Stop Common Core Nevada, a coalition of concerned citizens and groups opposing Common Core - the national government’s effort to take over the current state and local regulation of school standards and testing.  Parents have enough problems with state regulations to tolerate a new layer of bureaucracy from Washington, D.C., and the Common Core scheme is flawed on many levels including lack of studies showing any effect of standards or testing on raising proficiency, and an expected cost of $150 million when our schools already are struggling with subpar classrooms.  To educate school board members and Nevada politicians to oppose Common Core, click here.  Stopping the federal takeover of a local responsibility is but the first step in the effort by parents to regain their right to decisions over their children’s education.  To advise us on the longer-term effort to revamp education to allow universal choice, take a look at our Advisory Council on Educational Choices, and consider please a donation for our important grassroots efforts to stop Common Core and bring the debate to where it should be:  school choice.

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