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Lobby Day 2016

February, 2016.  Our America Initiative seeks coalitions to move law in a libertarian direction, and Kentucky supporters can help while its Legislature is in session by contacting representatives and senators to support or oppose the following bills we are tracking. In addition to sending emails and making calls from home, you could make a real impact on liberty by joining OAI's Kentucky Lobby Day at 10 a.m., February 26th, at the Capital Annex in Frankfort, 702 Capital Avenue. We will have a handout for you to share in your visits on a wide spectrum of issues, from Taxes and Regulations, to the Drug War, Mental Health, Marriage Licensure, Ballot Access, and other issues.  While Lobby Day occurs just once, advocacy for liberty bills lasts for the duration of the session. Please follow Kentucky for Our America Initiative on Facebook for legislative updates and information on how to help in supporting or opposing legislation until the end of the session.  To help OAI support legislative advocacy in Kentucky and through more of our fifty state affiliates and nationally, please consider a donation and volunteering to join our Grassroots Team.

Nullify Indefinite Detention

November, 2014 - Our America Initiative endorses a project by PANDA (People Against The National Defense Authorization Act) to pass in cities and counties resolutions in opposition to the 2012 NDAA's indefinite detention sections (1021 and 1022).  These two sections expose Americans to indefinite detention without due process for acts of terrorism defined so vaguely as to jeopardize freedom for activists with no ties to terrorism.  According to multiple documents from the FBI, Homeland Security, and other agencies, terrorists include now people who are “reverent of individual liberty”, people who carry cash instead of credit; or others who may  think they have nothing to hide - everyone, essentially.  Kentucky supporters could send their own version of this letter to request a meeting with members of your city or county council, as well as state and federal representatives and senators.  Six cities and one county nationwide have passed PANDA's resolution - let's cooperate on letting our politicians know about this popular effort to protect the due process rights of all citizens.  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Councils on Civil Liberties, Defense, and OverCriminalization, we could expand protections like this to citizens through more of our fifty state affiliates.

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