Lobby Day 2016

March, 2016.  Our America Initiative supports during the 2016 legislative session three bills for which emails and calls are encouraged to help pass until closure of the session.  In tandem with Bleeding Kansas we are helping HB 2691, the Kansas Safe Access Act, to set up the same medicinal cannabis system in Kansas that 26 other states already have, helping thousands of Kansans with treatable illnesses out of luck because of current prohibition policies.  Next we support HB 2271, to end the unconstitutional seizure of personal assets by law enforcement before defendants have exercised their due process. The final issue for which we need the help of Kansans is advancement of a resolution, HB 2625, in support of the federal Fair Tax, a proposal to abolish the IRS and income tax and replace it with a state-based, national sales tax.  For updates on these bills and related libertarian opportunities, please check in weekly with OAI's Kansas Facebook page.

Deregulate Alcohol Market

April, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports deregulation of markets to allow entrepreneurs to offer more choice, better quality and cheaper prices to consumers. Kansas unreasonably hampers these benefits in several markets including that for liquor.  Local craft brewers, for example, can't offer their wares directly to willing buyers, but must hike their costs to comply with a government requirement to use a middle man distributor - giving an unfair advantage to big, out-of-state corporations like Anheuser-Busch and Miller-Coors.  To remedy this protectionism, we urge emails to your representative and senator to support HB 2189, to allow micro-breweries the right to sell directly to restaurants and retailers like Walmart.  In your email you could advocate two other bills to transfer power over alcohol decisions from bureaucrats to consumers:  HB 2200, to expand alcohol selling options for retailers, and SB 298, to allow voters in local counties to repeal limits on retail liquor sales.  Whether in Kansas or through any of our fifty state affiliates, with your donation now and input from our Advisory Council on OverRegulation, we can advocate choices for consumers and freedom for entrepreneurs.

​Allow Doctor-Prescribed Cannabis

April, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports the work of Bleeding Kansas in passing legislation to allow doctor-prescribed medical marijuana or cannabis.  Specifically, we ask voters to email their state representative and senator to re-introduce for the 2016 legislative session HB 2011 and SB 9, both of which were defeated in this year's legislative session.  Currently, Kansas is one of the few remaining states that prohibit all uses of cannabis and derivative medicines, forcing Kansas families with loved ones in desperate need of proper medical care to uproot themselves and move to states less hostile to the doctor-patient relationship.  We invite supporters also to join Bleeding Kansas' Facebook group, to know about upcoming rallies and future Lobby Days.  Not only are we supporting the medicinal needs of Kansans, but also we invite citizens to sign our national petition to repeal marijuana prohibition.  With your donation now and input from Our America's Advisory Councils on Drug Reform, Health Freedom and Over-Criminalization, we could advocate for patient rights and sane drug policies through more of our fifty state affiliates.
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