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Protecting Health Privacy & Markets

February, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports the state legislative testimony of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom (CCFHF) to prefer Minnesota's stronger privacy safeguards over the inferior HIPAA efforts, and to repeal the new law requiring medical professionals to link their patients' sensitive problems to a government-connected database.  We also support the health reforms proposed by the Center of the American Experiment, including allowing states to form interstate compacts to escape ObamaCare and empowering patients rather than health bureaucrats to control health decisions.  HIPAA was passed to protect patient privacy, but it infamously discloses much personal medical data without requiring consent.  And the new law requiring inputting of patients' sensitive health information into electronic records - and linking them to a government-connected database - seems to violate the ethic of privacy whose violation has cost doctors their license.  We urge supporters, then, to email their state representative and senator to oppose conforming state privacy protections with the weaker HIPAA federal law, and to support an interstate compact to replace ObamaCare and empower the consumer to control health decisions with defined contribution plans and disclosure of health prices.  We ask supporters also to sign the petition asking the legislature to repeal the EHR mandate exposing patient information to loss of privacy.  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Council on Health Reform, we could expand health freedom advocacy beyond Minnesota to our other forty-nine state affiliates.

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