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Lobby Day 2016

February, 2016.  Our America Initiative invites Wisconsin voters to email and call their state legislators to reduce barriers to candidate qualification for the ballot.  Because Wisconsin requires so many signatures on petitions for a candidate to qualify for the ballot, in 2014 by example less than half of incumbents faced a challenger.  We support Competitive Elections Wisconsin's proposed reforms, including reducing the signature thresholds across the board, to bring the state into compliance with the constitutional requirement that ballot access laws may only be as restrictive as necessary to prevent an “overcrowded ballot.” We ask also for a small filing fee option in lieu of a petition, such as Michigan uses, or to implement a “clear intent of the elector” standard on judging signature validity. Another request widely adopted in other states would be to save taxpayer money by allowing smaller parties to nominate non-presidential races by convention instead of primary elections, which are ill-suited to parties with less than 10% of the electorate.  Lobby Day starts on February 17th, but continues until the end of the legislature's session with your emails and calls in support of Ballot Access Reform.  Please visit OAI's WI Facebook page to get involved.

Lobby Day 2015

March, 2015 - Lobby Day involves not just visits with politicians at the state legislature, but also emails one ould send any day during which the legislature remains in session.  Our America Initiative advocates protection for indoor vaping rights, reducing ballot access barriers, expanding choices for schools, supporting more rational speed limits, expanding end-of-life patients rights, imposing independent oversight of police investigations, and shrinking unnecessary government programs.  Specifically, we support the Wisconsin Smoke-Free Coalition's support for Representative Kleefisch's bill to exempt electronic cigarette and vaping products from inclusion in bans on indoor smoking.  In addition to the indoor vaping ban issue, we support the Competitive Elections model bill which seeks to reduce ballot access barriers. Other bills Our America Initiative supports include the proposal to lift the cap on vouchers and allow charter schools statewide, a bill to increase the statewide speed limit from 65 to 70, a bill to strengthen independent investigations of police homicides, as well as a proposed measure to amend the state constitution to eliminate the obsolete ceremonial offices of secretary of state and state treasurer.  Please email your Representative and Senator with your support for these issues, and post please any response from your legislators please at Wisconsin's Our America Facebook page.  Don't make Lobby Day your only time helping with activism - fill out the volunteer link please and become official members of Our America's Wisconsin Grassroots Team!

Protecting Smoke-Free Alternatives

February, 2015 - Wisconsin for Our America Initiative supports the Wisconsin Smoke-Free Alternatives Coalition (WSAC) in promoting tobacco harm reduction policies to saves lives. WSAC is dedicated to ensuring the availability and affordability of harm-reduction alternatives to smoking, and encourages responsible legislative policy designed to improve public health by recognizing that smoke-free nicotine-containing products are inherently far less dangerous than smoking.  We urge the signing of WSAC's petition opposing indoor bans of vaping, and emails to representatives and senators to support Representative Kleefisch's bill to pre-empt local ordinances banning smoke-free products under indoor air laws. With your donation now and input from our Advisory Councils on Health Freedom and Over-Regulation, Our America Initiative could expand consumer freedom efforts through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Ease Ballot Access

December, 2014 - Our America Initiative supports Competitive Elections Wisconsin, a coalition of groups seeking a halving of required petition signatures to qualify a candidate for the ballot.  Because of the hundreds of signatures Wisconsin requires of candidates to get on the ballot, many potential political leaders never bother to file - thus depriving our state of effective representation.  As a result half of Wisconsin's 99 state representatives enjoyed the luxury of reelection without any opposing candidate at all.  Voters don't even like the pressure to sign so many petitions, complaining of "petition fatigue".  Halving the signature requirement is a modest proposal other states recently have adopted, such as in the state of Virginia.  We ask Wisconsin citizens to email their state representatives and senators to introduce and pass legislation "to cut in half the required signatures for candidates to qualify for the ballot".  Ballot access liberalization is a big issue for Our America Initiative; indeed, we ask all Americans to donate now to pay for the monumental expense of a major lawsuit we are filing to force the Commission on Presidential Debates to invite all viable candidates.  With input from our Advisory Council on Civil Liberties we hope to advocate open elections through more of our fifty state affiliates.

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