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Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Heads to South Carolina 

January 3, 2015 @ 3:30 PM ET

Judge Jim Gray will be speaking at the 2015 Democratic Liberty Caucus Southeast Regional Convention in Rock Hill, South Carolina. For tickets or for more information click here.


Demand Transparency

September 2014 - Our America Initiative is a cosponsor of SCLibertyNow’s project to Demand Transparency of the state government.  The Center for Public integrity has consistently ranked South Carolina in the bottom 10 states for transparency, and ranked SC in 2013 45th for corruption.  To reverse this deplorable trend, Demand Transparency invites supporters to send an email to their representative and senator to:  (1) expose the government to Freedom of Information Act inquiries, currently prohibited; (2) require politicians’ disclosure of now-hidden private sources of income; (3) prohibit “unbudgeted” accounts used currently to mask the extent of government over-spending; (4) prohibit self-investigations by politicians, realizing only independent oversight can police misconduct and crimes; (5) support other transparency and ethics reforms about which supporters can read by clicking on the above link.  Beyond transparency, oversight and ethics, state government spends and regulates too much.  To advise Our America Initiative on reforms to these areas we have several nationally-known scholars, professionals and activists on our Advisory Council on Government Spending and Over-Regulation.  Please consider a donation for advocate transparency and reverse over-regulation through more of our fifty state affiliates.

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