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Demilitarize Bureaucracies

October, 2015.  Since the creation of the Homeland Security bureaucracy in response to the terrorism in 2001, many federal agencies have acquired new authority to carry firearms and make arrests that introduced a "military" aspect to their normal regulatory enforcement efforts.  These militarized agency enforcement actions received unfavorable publicity when affecting non-violent and unimportant offenses, such as SWAT raids on grocery stores selling raw milk and breaking through doors over student aid fraud.  The over-militarization epidemic among bureaucracies personally impacted Our America Initiative Honorary Chair Gary Johnson, who witnessed the Forest Service terrorizing families at a ski resort while obtaining from their heavy-handed raid nothing more than citations for a marijuana cigarette and a broken windshield - and a bunch of scared tourists and families.  To stop agency over-militarization Congressman Stewart introduced the Regulatory Agency De-militarization (RAD) Act; it would take inventory of agencies utilizing excessive enforcement, prohibit their use of certain firearms and SWAT teams, and require bureaucrats to solicit local law enforcement or the FBI for any required arrests in their normal regulatory actions.  We ask supporters to email their U.S. representatives to cosponsor the RAD Act.  We are pleased to join the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance in this effort.  Additionally, with your donation now we could seek the advice of our Advisory Councils on OverCriminalization and OverRegulation to expand judicial and regulatory reform efforts through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Allow Doctors-Prescribed Cannabis

May, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports an end to the Drug War on cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, and will support any reforms related to that goal, including allowing Utah doctors to prescribe marijuana for patients.  Utah's politicians already allowed this medicinal approach in a bill last year to permit a cannabis-derived oil called CPD, but only for epileptic seizure control. Certainly physicians should have the right to prescribe the proven health attributes of cannabis.  While the Medical Marijuana bill, SB 259, just was defeated, we urge supporters to email their representatives and senators  to reintroduce this bill in the 2016 legislative session.  Health freedom is under attack, and with your donation and input from our Advisory Councils on OverCriminalization, Drug Reform and OverRegulation, we could expand doctor-patient rights through more of our fifty state affiliates. 

Stop Car Dealer Protectionism

May, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports repeal of laws resulting from collusion between corporations and bureaucracies - usually made not to protect consumers but rather to stifle competition from superior entrepreneurs.  Utah laws currently prohibit car manufacturers from owning more than 45% of a dealership.  These anti-competitive laws prevent companies, like Tesla Motors, from selling directly to consumers without a licensed dealership servicing as a middle-man.  More protectionist provisions, such as the allowable distance between car dealerships, as well as prohibitions on operating on both weekend days, stymie competition at the expense of consumer purchasing power.  To repeal these protectionist attacks on consumer choice and affordability, we ask for emails to representatives and senators in support of reforms to liberalize car sale laws.  Protectionist laws stifle competition nationally and in many other states, too, and with your donation and input from our Advisory Council on OverRegulation, we could advocate freedom of choice and competition through more of our fifty state affiliates.  

End Property Forfeitures Without Conviction

May, 2015 - Our America Initiative understands the severe problem of over-criminalization of the justice system and even over-militarization of our police.  A big cause of the judicial problems stems from the Drug War and attacks on due process in response to that losing cause.  One sacrifice in due process that Utah can repeal now is Asset Forfeiture, the power of law enforcement to steal property from defendants before winning a conviction (a power so abused by prosecutors that despite reforms passed in the year 2000 lawsuits had to be filed to enforce compliance).  Worse, Utah's politicians last year exacerbated Asset Forfeiture abuse with laws strengthening the ability of law enforcement to get away with property theft.  Since government seizure of private property, without obtaining first a criminal conviction, clearly represents a subversion of due process,  we ask for emails and calls to representatives and senators to restore property rights and due process with categorical limitations on asset forfeiture by law enforcement.  Property attacks plague other states as well, and with your donation and input from our Advisory Councils on OverCriminalization and Civil Liberties, we could advocate for a judicial system respectful of our rights through more of our fifty state affiliates.


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