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​Roll Back Over-Criminalization

February, 2016.  Our America Initiative understands a primary role of government is to protect persons and their property from harm.  Even tough-on-crime conservatives, though, have discovered over the past decade that their punative approach to crime has backfired and cost too much in taxpayer dollars.  For example, the vaunted conservative Heritage Foundation has an OverCriminalization Task Force to get smarter about crime control without sacrificing the due process every defendant is guaranteed in the Constitution.  New Mexico's legislature, unfortunately, is about to pass an expansion of the state's "three strikes" law, and we need supporters please to find and email their representative and senator to oppose HB 56, which having passed the House now awaits Senate consideration.  Threatening life in prison for even more crimes won't reduce crime or save taxpayer dollars any more than the Three Strikes law has performed thus far.  With your donation and input from our Advisory Council on OverCriminalization, we could roll back over-criminalization in more areas of New Mexico law and in other states and nationally as well.

Repeal National ID

November, 2015.  Our America Initiative understands the mandate of the Homeland Security Department (DHS) to prevent a repeat of the 2011 terrorism, but we respect also the needs of states to refuse coercive and expensive pressure to morph Drivers Licenses into privacy-threatening facial recognition databases or tools to address problems like illegal immigration that have nothing to do with safe driving.  Since passage of the REAL ID Act in 2005 no state has agreed fully to comply with what in actuality is a national identification scheme. To spur compliance DHS has issued toothless threats - as just happened in New Mexico - to states that their citizens will be stopped by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from flying or by DHS guards from entering a government building like a courthouse.  REAL ID doesn't make us more secure, so we ask supporters to request their Representative and both Senators to Repeal REAL ID.  And given the failure of Homeland Security to make us more safe without sacrificing constitutional liberties, we call for abolition of DHS and its TSA as well.  With your donation and input from our Civil Liberties and Defense Advisory Councils, we can form better programs for security through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Marijuana Decriminalization

May, 2015 - Our America Initiative is pleased marijuana decriminalization passed the state senate before dying this year in the House. To get the bill signed into law in 2016, we need emails and calls now to your representative and senator, asking for re-introduction in 2016 of SB 383, replacing current criminal penalties for marijuana possession with a $50 civil fine.  It is time for New Mexico to join 19 other states and DC in stopping arresting citizens for indulging in behavior that involves no harm of others, and thus allowing law enforcement to focus its precious resources on crimes that actually involve harm and victims.  

October, 2014 - Our America Initiative endorses the New Mexico Marijuana Decriminalization Campaign, ballot initiatives in Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties to reduce penalties for marijuana possession.  Possession penalty reduction is a common-sense way to save the state money while improving public safety. We need our police officers focusing on serious offenses; arrests for small amounts of marijuana are a waste of law enforcement time.  While the initiatives are on the ballot in only two of the state's counties, any New Mexico supporter of Our America Initiative can and is encouraged to join and pledge to vote, letting our officials know of your support for reducing penalties so law enforcement can focus instead on crimes that actually involve harm or victims.  Nationally Our America Initiative has a petition to end marijuana prohibition, and with recognized thought leaders on our Advisory Councils for Civil Liberties, Over Criminalization and Drug Policy, your donation now can help us expand drug reform and rolling back the over-criminalization epidemic through more of our fifty state affiliates. (Editor's note:  On November 4th this ballot initiative passed).

New Mexico Unites For Marriage

2014 -  NMUFM was chaired by Our America Initiative Chair Gary Johnson, and successfully completed its project to legalize marriage equality.  New Mexican Our America Initiative supporters still are invited to be supportive, by "liking" their Facebook page, "thanking the supporters" of the coalition effort, and being prepared to defend against potential future legislative attacks on marriage equality.  To join Our America initiative's Grassroots Team for future projects, please contact the state director listed on this page.

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