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Campaign to Legalize Cannabis

February, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports the Mississippi Alliance for Cannabis' project to collect enough petition signatures to place on the 2016 ballot an initiative (#48) to end prohibition on the cultivation, sale and use of marijuana and hemp.  Arrests for cannabis contribute to Mississippi having the third highest amount of prisoners per capita in the nation.  The state’s harmful policy has ruined countless lives and torn apart a multitude of families.  Lifting the prohibition on cannabis will enable people to have access to medical marijuana, so they can receive the care and treatment they deserve.  Lifting the prohibition on the cultivation of cannabis will create a thriving agricultural hemp industry in the state ranked number one in poverty.  By volunteering for this campaign you will end the state’s interference in people’s personal choices, enable patients to have more choice in their healthcare, and help return Mississippi to the agricultural force it once was.  Over a hundred thousand signatures are needed by October of this year, so by clicking on "Yes On Proposition 48", you can seek information on how to help, including downloading petitions, submitting letters to the editor or marketing the campaign through your networks.  While helping in Mississippi please also sign OAI's national petition to repeal marijuana prohibition.  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Council on Drug Reform, we will seek a rolling back of the over-criminalization epidemic through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Supporting Informed Consent

January, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports the Mississippi Center for Public Policy in its quest to protect health freedom, including putting childhood vaccination decisions into the hands of parents and doctors.  As one of only two states that do not grant religious or philosophical waivers for vaccinations for school children, Mississippi has created a system where one individual, the State Health Officer, makes vaccination decisions for all children.  In all but one other state, doctors are allowed to write waivers if necessary and submit them directly to the schools.  In Mississippi, a physician's waiver can be denied by a bureaucrat. We urge supporters to email their state representative and senator to support Representative Formby's HB 130, which as explained by Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights would allow doctors and parents, not unelected bureaucrats, to control whether and at what pace to vaccinate. Consumers must retain the right to refuse a service in the health market, or the concepts of "informed consent" and the "doctor-patient relationship" lose all meaning.  Indeed, with patients facing taxes for refusal to buy ObamaCare coverage, with doctors and therapies facing closure by unaccountable health boards and the Food and Drug Administration, and with our government losing its own discretion as its budget soon becomes overwhelmed by uncontrolled health entitlements, your donation is needed now more than ever to help Our America Initiative and its Advisory Council on Health Reform advocate for the voluntary doctor-patient relationship and a free health market through more of our fifty state affiliates.

The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to Our America Initiative are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.. Our America Initiative has a no refunds policy. 

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