Fergus Hodgson

Advisory Council Member 

Fergus Hodgson is editor in chief of the PanAm Post, a bilingual media outlet that spans the American continent. Previously, he was director of fiscal policy studies with the John Locke Foundation, a visiting scholar with the American Institute for Economic Research, and a research associate with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. His commentaries have appeared numerous periodicals in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, and he has promoted freedom of movement as a radio host with the Overseas Radio Network. After receiving an athletic scholarship and moving from rural New Zealand, he graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 2007. Before taking up employment in the United States, he completed a second major in political science and taught macroeconomics with the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Clint Bolick

Advisory Council Member 

Clint Bolick, Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, coauthored with Governor Jeb Bush, “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution” (2013), offering a compassionate view of immigration and realistic measures for reforming policy—without the divisive rhetoric.  Bolick was co-founder of the Institute for Justice and later served as president of the Alliance for School Choice.  He has argued and won cases in the United States Supreme Court, the Arizona Supreme Court, and state and federal courts defending school choice, freedom of enterprise, private property rights and challenging corporate subsidies and racial classifications. In 2009, Legal Times named Bolick one of the “90 Greatest D.C. Lawyers in the Past 30 Years.” Bolick has authored several books, including Death Grip: Loosening the Law’s Stranglehold Over Economic Liberty (2011) and David’s Hammer: The Case for an Activist Judiciary (2007). In addition to his work at the Goldwater Institute, Bolick serves as a research fellow with the Hoover Institution.

Solange Warner

Advisory Council Member 

Solange Warner is the World Chamber of Commerce’s Founder, and Co- Chairman. The World Chamber of Commerce (WCC) is a non- profit, educational, and networking global organization. The purpose of the WCC is to promote commercial, cultural/educational, and humanitarian initiatives, facilitating trade and investment globally. www.worldchamberc.org. Through the WCC, she has developed initiatives such as “International Trade Heroes” promoting the economic benefits of the international business community in the U.S. In addition, she developed humanitarian initiatives to create awareness regarding the human trafficking issue, and to aid victims of earthquakes in Chile and Haiti. Additionally, Solange is the creator, producer and host for Global Matters television show, discussing international matters that may benefit our economy, such as immigration. www.globalmatters.tv. Furthermore, Solange is the Founder, CEO and President of Ashton International ashtoninternationaltrade.com . The US Department of Commerce awarded her and Ashton International Firm with the prestigious “Export Achievement Award”. She has over 20 years experience in international markets, working previously as a senior manager for Multinational Accounts at American Express. Prior, she was the Founder and President of S&S Travel. Solange is originally from Chile, lived in Europe and has traveled throughout 52 countries. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English fluently and has knowledge of French and German.

Scott Lincicome

Advisory Council Member 

Scott Lincicome is an international trade attorney, adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and Visiting Lecturer at Duke University. As a trade lawyer, Scott litigates trade disputes in the United States, Europe, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and various other international jurisdictions, and advises clients on trade agreements, trade-related regulations and legislation, U.S. trade policy, and WTO matters. He specializes in advising clients on how to best conform their transactions and policies to global trade rules and related national regulations. Outside of the firm, Scott has advised presidential and congressional candidates on international economic policy, and authored or co-authored several policy papers published by Cato and other organizations. He also routinely writes and speaks on economic policy and politics, and blogs on these issues at his personal blog.

Charles Kuck 

Advisory Council Member 

Charles H. (“Chuck”) Kuck is the Managing Attorney at Kuck Immigration Partners in Atlanta, Georgia.  Chuck served as the National President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (“AILA”) from 2008-2009.  He is currently President of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, and an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Georgia, where he teaches the immigration law classes each year.  He was named the in the top 5 immigration attorneys in the world by Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers in 2013 and was named one of the 2011 “100 Most Influential Georgians” by Georgia Trend magazine.  He is listed in Best Lawyers in America, and in Atlanta Magazine as a Georgia “Super Lawyer.”  He has practiced immigration law for more than 24 years, has spoken to numerous legal and business conferences on all types of immigration related topics, has testified in Congress on various aspects of Immigration Law and Immigration Reform, and is frequently quoted in the national press, and appears regularly on television and cable news outlets.

Randall Emery

Advisory Council Member 

Randall Emery is president and co-founder of American Families United, the premier grassroots organization for US citizens' rights in nuclear family immigration reform.  He has been quoted numerous times in both English and Spanish press, and has testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the separation of families in US immigration law.  Mr. Emery led the grassroots effort in support of the bi-partisan introduction of the American Families United Act, which would restore a US citizen’s pre-1996 right to petition an immigration judge or immigration official to admit their spouse into the United States.

Knud Berthelsen

Advisory Council Member 

Knud Berthelsen is the CEO of Connect + Trade, a company that develops and executes strategies for online marketing with focus on exports. Connect + Trade also publishes an annual ranking of the world’s export markets to help businesses decide which export markets to focus on. Before he moved to New Orleans to pursue his MBA and founded the company that is now Connect + Trade, Berthelsen spent a decade working in free-market think tanks and politics in his native country of Norway, the Nordic Countries, and the US.  Mr. Berthelsen has helped clients market and sell their products and services on all continents, and has extensive experience helping organizations in the liberty movement communicate their messages of freedom, property rights, free markets, and peace to people all over the world. He holds an MBA with a concentration in International Business from Tulane University, and a BA in North-American Studies from the University of Oslo, Norway.

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