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* Our America Initiative's Niche: OAI is the prime 501c(4) to advocate ‪#‎FairDebates and liberty in general. With the high polling of our founder, and the high profile of our lawsuit which remains prime for appeal due to gross errors in its dismissal, and plans for protests and a national tour, OAI is THE activist organization for leadership on breaking the election duopoly hindering liberty.

* ‪#‎FairPolling. It is OAI's lawsuit that hangs over the head of the Debate Commission if it allows unfair polling (that which excludes viable candidates from the "top line" comparison question) to depress polling, thus excluding viable candidates from the debates. When pollsters ask voters to choose between Hillary and Trump, and then ask about Governor Johnson or Dr. Stein only as a follow up - that depresses the poll results of the third options. All viable candidates - with viable defined as qualifying on enough state ballots to win - should be included in the original, top-line question. We are engaged in grassroots contacts to pollsters to stop the unfair polling.

* Lawsuit Appeal Very Viable: If the Commission excludes viable candidates - those qualified on enough state ballots to win - OAI is prepared to file its appeal on the gross mistakes of the DC Circuit Court, and engage in protests at headquarters of the Commission, Debate hosts or sponsors, and the Democrat and Republican Party (either nationally or on the tour as described below), to highlight the lack of #FairDebates.

* Live Free Tour: OAI presently is raising funds for the large cost of presenting on college campuses nationwide the impact of the election on liberty, including popular speakers from advocacy organizations, libertarian CEOs and comedians, and original video productions including a mock debate with improv actors. These 30 planned events in states in the West, Midwest, South and East, will include voter registration, protests on the lack of #FairDebates, mobile app texting, social media and coalition building.

* Legislative Advocacy: OAI presently is supporting Initiatives for the Fall ballot on marijuana legalization for medicinal and personal use (sponsored by DPA and MPP), and coalescing for lobbying this Winter on licensing alternatives with AFP to help entrepreneurship and privacy restoration in partnership with the ACLU. We are attending State Policy Network's convention in October to help think tanks in the 50 states turn their scholarly proposals into bills to reduce taxes, regulations and over-criminalization; promote choice in health and education; open up the government and restore liberties. In 50 states and nationally we have engaged since 2013 in 57 different projects to cut government coercion and restore rights, with most of those tasks ongoing.  In Lobby Days OAI has organized in many states, our meetings with legislators have advanced bills towards passage and stopped others from even getting out of committee.

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