Our America Initiative

Redefining the liberty movement in America!


It is critical to make the principles of Liberty a part of the national dialogue about the key issues of the day.  Leveraging the credibility of Governor Johnson and other nationally-known spokespersons, OAI aggressively pursues appearances and coverage in both traditional and “new’ media.  Likewise, capitalizing on the more than 1 million followers of Governor Johnson on social media, OAI is building support using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and others. We work to provide updated and informative issue research on the topics important to the Liberty movement. principles

College Tours

The Liberty Movement is thriving on America’s college campuses. Young people understand that unsustainable debt, the erosion of civil liberties and the consequences of unnecessary foreign interventions will all land on their shoulders in the years to come.  And they are ready to act -- with the right leadership and encouragement.  The Our America Initiative sponsors campus events all across the country, featuring Governor Johnson and other nationally-known leaders of the Liberty Movement, where students are recruited and mobilized for effective grass-roots activities. 

Grassroots Organizing 

The Our America Initiative is supported by hundreds of thousands of Americans who agree that government has grown far too large, costly and intrusive.  One of OAI’s key objectives is to turn those supporters into activists, and that begins at the local and state levels.  State and local leaders are being recruited and empowered to take the message of liberty to every corner of the nation, to be advocates in every state capital and to play influential roles in policy-making from City Hall to Washington, DC. 

Live Free Initiatives 

From marriage equality to 2nd Amendment rights, many of the key battles for individual liberty are being fought at the state level.  Governor Johnson and the Our America Initiative will, as appropriate, provide leadership and mobilize grassroots support for key ballot initiatives and legislation that will advance the cause of personal freedom and the protection of fundamental rights.

Giving Voice to Liberty 

Through events, speaking engagements and national media appearances, Governor Johnson and other leaders of the Our America Initiative continually strive to frame key issues in terms of liberty and the proper role of government.  A major focus of OAI is to maximize those opportunities and to take informed, articulate arguments to the public arena through the news media, the Internet and social media. 


We are making liberty a reality: The Our America Initiative's fight for liberty and smaller government is waged on several fronts, each with the purpose of mobilizing grassroots support and raising awareness of key issues for policies and laws that protect and promote personal freedom and opportunity.