Equal Rights in Family Court

January, 2016.  In seeking restoration of rights, Our America Initiative is aware of the role of courts in assuring those rights, which include equal treatment under the law and due process.  We hear endless complaints that the Family Courts set up to adjudicate disputes for divorcing couples encourage (and often reward) adversarial behavior by the parents, hurting especially their children who need both parents in their lives.  Indiana, in particular, received a grade of C Minus from the National Parents Organization rating on Shared Parenting.  We urge our supporters then to email their Indiana legislators to introduce and support a bill that would ensure co-parenting rights by default in the event of separated parents.  One third of the states last year introduced similar legislation, so it's time for Indiana to help families stay intact.  We could support judicial and Family Law reform through more of our state affiliates with a small donation from you now; and please click our volunteer form to help our coalition building and advocacy in the legislatures. 

No War on Medicine for Colds

January, 2016.  Our America Initiative acknowledges the problem of drug abuse, but we also recognize the much graver problem of government interference with the doctor-patient relationship.  Every day Hoosiers buy cold medicine containing ephedrine and its derivatives to control cold symptoms; unfortunately, methamphetamine dealers do the same.  To stop the abusive customers Indiana has a real-time system to bar cold medicine sales to suspected abusers, without interfering in legitimate cold medicine sales.  The legislature, unfortunately, is about to pass a bill forbidding regular cold medicine purchases unless the buyer first secures a prescription from a doctor visit.  We urge our supporters to ask their legislators to oppose this time-consuming, unjustified interference in people's daily shopping at their local pharmacies.  To help Our America support health freedom in more states, please consider a donation and volunteering to lead our grassroots efforts in your state.  

Allow Marijuana Medicinal Research and Use

January, 2016. Our America Initiative supports repeal of laws interfering with individuals' health choices, including those involving treatments derived from the marijuana plant.  We also support unfettered research into the effects of cannabis so that we may better understand its efficacy.  Therefore we invite Hoosiers to find their legislators to request passage of medical marijuana legislation as well as various bills to allow cannibidiol for epilepsy and other conditions (such as HB 1158 and SB 258).  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Councils on Health and Drug Reform, we could advocate patient and research rights through more of our fifty state affiliates.


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