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Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

​July, 2016 - OAI supports any step toward repealing the Drug War.  We proudly endorse, then, California's Adult Use of Marijuana Act, and urge a "yes" vote this November on Proposition 64.  This ballot measure would regulate and tax cannabis the same way the government controls the more dangerous drug alcohol.  Click here to endorse, share on social media, contribute and otherwise support the initiative.  You can help drug war repeal not only in a state, but also nationally by clicking here to sign OAI's petition to repeal marijuana prohibition. 

Tank the tax

October 2014 - Our America Initiative is a cosponsor of Tank the tax, a project of the California Drivers Alliance to invite signers of a petition to alert state legislators to support re-introduction of AB 69, a bill to delay the January 1, 2015 inclusion of transportation fuels under the Cap and Trade scheme that will increase energy costs, hitting especially hard the middle class, food, service and agriculture sectors.  AB 69 died in committee with little support from the state legislators.  We need to continue to build grassroots support so that one or more Assembly members will re-introduce legislation to repeal or curb the destructive affects of this new tax.  Studies show a mere dime increase in fuel costs next year could cost 20,000 jobs and $3 billion.  Contact state officials today by signing the petition and urge them to put the brakes on this new hidden gas tax.  Our America Initiative has a Energy and Environment Advisory Council to help advocate common sense, market-oriented approaches to both environmental protection and energy development.  Your donation now could help us support reforms through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Reduced Penalties for Nonviolent Offenses

October, 2014 - Our America Initiative supports Prop 47, to reclassify nonviolent drug and petty offenses as misdemeanors, freeing up millions of taxdollars for behavioral treatment and victims services.  The measure excludes from reclassification sex offenders and those convicted of crimes involving violence.  The need for this measure is clear for many reasons, including the fact that several prisons are now at more than 200%  of capacity.  Passage of Prop 47 would allow law enforcement to focus on violent offenders, save the state money and treat drug abuse as a health issue, not a crime.  We encourage supporters to volunteer, sign up for information, or personally endorse the Californians for Safe Neighborhoods and Schools campaign behind Prop 47.  Our America Initiative also has Advisory Councils on OverCriminalization and Drug Policy, and with your donation now we could expand projects to roll back the Police State through more of our fifty state affiliates. (Editor's note:  On November 4th this ballot initiative passed). 

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