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Lobby Day 2015

March, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports visits with - and emails to - representatives and senators in support of bills to reduce government power and restore personal liberty.  Specifically, we support cutting the growth in spending by Texas' government.  Also we support the Second Chances bill, to allow more privacy for people with only one conviction for certain nonviolent crimes. Third, Our America endorses several bills related to marijuana prohibition.  Finally, we support legislation to stop the pre-conviction seizure of assets. 

Balanced Budget Amendment Compact

January, 2015 - Our America Initiative supports Compact for America's project for the states to agree (“compact”) to amend the U.S. Constitution to limit debt spending and thereby balance the budget.  The “Compact for a Balanced Budget” has been endorsed by Judge Andrew Napolitano and George Will. The national government's $18 trillion accumulated debt and annual budget deficits show Congress is incapable of limiting spending to what's received in tax revenue or any reasonable amount of borrowing. The national government’s $220 trillion in unfunded entitlement program liabilities shows how the federal government’s unlimited borrowing capacity encourages politicians to promise anything to get elected. The endless debt slows down economic growth and at some point may lead to financial catastrophe.  In Article V of the Constitution the Founders gave a remedy for states to lead when Congress refuses to do so.  The compact method of Article V amending allows for consideration of only the exact amendment agreed to by the states promoting such a meeting.  Remedies exist in the compact to end the convention process if delegates selected by the states disobey the limited, explicit instructions of the state.  We urge our supporters in Texas to email their state representatives and senators to "pass the Compact for a Balanced Budget expected soon to be introduced by representatives Hughes, Workman and Murphy".  Over-spending is a problem afflicting not only Texas, but all our states and indeed the nation as a whole.  With your donation now and input from our Advisory Council on Government Spending, we can add to more of our fifty state affiliates projects to reign in profligate government expenditures. 

Budget Coalition

2014 - Texas' Our America Initiative chapter has cosponsored the Conservative Texas Budget Coalition hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  The coalition opposes any state spending increase that exceeds the growth rate of the population plus inflation.  This brake on the budget will protect taxpayers and the economy from irresponsible management of our state government, and allow for more opportunity- and jobs - in the market sector. Our America Initiative supporters in Texas can help advance this project by sending an email via the legislature's website, or submitting a letter to the editor via this website.  Base your email and letter on these talking points, please, and the more you can use your own words, the more seriously the politicians and newspaper readers will consider your opinion. For the talking points to send an email or submit a letter to the editor, please click here.

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