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Legalization of Cannabis

January, 2016.  Our America Initiative supports the bills allowing use of cannabis (otherwise known as marijuana) by all adults, not just those with a doctor's prescription as under current law.  The Drug War has cost more in wrecked families and neighborhoods and an over-crowded judicial system than has benefited in any reduction in abuse; the ACLU estimated arrest costs in 2013 at $675 million.  We urge supporters to ask their state Representative and Senator to support S 1747 and A 3089, to erect a system of regulated retail establishments for the sale and use of cannabis, and to allow modest growth or use of a limited number of plants in ones home.  With your donation and input from Our America's Advisory Councils on OverCriminalization and Drug Reform, we could advocate an end to the Drug War through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Defending Second Amendment

October 2014 - Our America Initiative vigorously supports the projects by the Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) to urge your state political candidates to sign a pledge to repeal the 2013 SAFE Act (and take an application into the voter booth), and email your state representatives and senators to oppose the SAFE Act II group of potential 2015 bills that would jeopardize even more the right to armed defense.  The Secure Ammunition and Firearms Act was passed as a result of a tragic school shooting in such a rushed fashion that the new law's problems garnered immediately the opposition of the New York State Sheriffs' Association, which warned the definition of assault weapons was too broad, and prevented the possession of many weapons that are legitimately used for hunting, target shooting and self defense; the US Veterans Administration which refused to comply with the provision requiring release of certain mental health records as it violates federal patient confidentiality; and 52 of NY's 62 counties, which passed resolutions against the attacks on the 2nd amendment. The law's problems not only have garnered opposition but also have tangibly cost jobs, as manufacturers have left the state. With your donation now - and the advice of our Advisory Councils on Civil Liberties and OverCriminalization - will expand our defense of personal rights through more of our fifty state affiliates.

Equal Access Ballot Coalition

September 2014 -  Our America Initiative is a co-sponsor of the Equal Access Ballot Coalition of New York seeking to get the government out of the internal affairs and nomination processes of all political parties; to provide equal access and few, if any, barriers to candidates seeking a place on the general election ballot; and to have an Independent Election Commission responsible for coordinating and running all elections conducted in New York State. Currently, the two major parties have an easier time getting its candidates on the ballot and dominate the Board of Elections in every county throughout the state in violation of international standards for “free and fair elections”. Our America Initiative supporters in New York State are encouraged to sign on as activists, to promote the group's social media presence, to write letters (or send emails) to their local newspapers and legislators; to blog about these inequities; and to personally support efforts to bring about the change we seek.  New Yorkers interested in liberalizing state election law may also want to bring fairness to national elections, with a donation to support Our America Initiative's lawsuit to require the Debate Commission's invitation to all viable candidates.

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