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No Cronies

September 2014 - Our America Initiative endorses the Illinois Policy Institute project, "No Cronies".  For far too long, Illinois politicians have abused the power of their office to grant special favors to politically connected businesses and individuals at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.  The No Cronies project seeks to end the culture of cronyism and restore fairness in Illinois' economic environment.  NoCronies.com features campaigns aimed at telling the stories of local entrepreneurs pursuing their version of the American dream, stymied in each case by onerous licensing restrictions, burdensome red tape, subsidies to politically-connected competitors and arbitrary seizure by government through "eminent domain".  Help relieve entrepreneurs of cronyism so they can expand the supply - and thus lower the cost - of goods and services provided to consumers.  Our America Initiative supporters in Illinois are encouraged to sign up at No Cronies. Not only can our supporters level the playing field in Illinois, but with the help of our Advisory Council on Over-Regulation, activists can donate now to help Our America Initiative stop cronyism in other states and across the nation.

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